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  1. I see that amplifier with that air tube and remember why I updated our 95 to the 96 and on lower profile one piece design that doesn't protrude, easy upgrade and don't have to worry about the two piece design falling off
  2. I bet the auction for cart was artificially inflated as most ebay auctions are as you read the wikipedia article they even state that to be the case in previous auctions. Just look at bid history at bottom of all the retracted bids I have never seen so many in one auction.
  3. Never seen that piece break did a gorilla own the car before you, zip ties come in handy but this is a case I would not use them for.
  4. Mars stuff was only used as an example to show its always for their own interest and the tatics they use to act like they are looking out for your well being, same thing the government does everyday. Do you have the time, money or resources to go against big government, than whats the point of voting, do you think casting a vote each election is going to change anything? Unless the people are willing to change and all get together and protest as a uniform unit thats the only way to get true change. If they stick to this left and right b.s. and continue fighting amongst themselves we will just be heading down the same path we have been on. Also has anything changed from the last president to the current president, the answer is no we are in the same boat and if you feel that casting your vote is going to solve issues its a waste of time. At the end of the day anybody can be bought and thats all poltics is unfortunately. If you feel their is truly a difference between the two parties I feel bad for you because at the end of the day, who do you think funds those two parties. What self respecting American can go into a booth and say I am going to vote for the lesser of two evils. So if you really want true change than we need come together which wont happen so its a never ending cycle.
  5. I gave up on voting a long time ago when I figured you go into a booth to pick the lesser of two evils, that exactly what I want especially when the government is truly a one party system and they use the media to play the game. Divide and conquer the people is their game so they can push their own agenda through like ndaa without giving us a vote and other acts they are passing to take away our rights without giving us a vote on them. At the end of the day when you go into the booth you are just voting for a face and nothing more because we really know who runs washington. I mean has their ever been a president that made good on his promises after getting into office. Its like the mars candy bar corporation just made statements that they are all of sudden becoming health conscious and they are downsizing candy bar size or how many you get in a pack. The funny thing is they are not reducing the price since you are now getting less. If the corporation was truly health conscious it would pull their junk off the market. The true motive was to offer you less to make more money and that they really dont give a crap about your health. This is an example of how the government is run as a whole with their cheap tatics like the mars corporation.
  6. Found the same model when i lived in the midwest at a yard, too bad they ruined the seats, my buddy bought the wheel shift knob and door panels though. it was imported from canada also had the sc-901 and center dash speaker those are the ones mu buddy found as mentioned in post above
  7. Its funny how the real criminals either get no time or a lighter than average time, guess you have to be part of the group to get those rewards
  8. No hat chuck, I am not going to get in an argument with you as I see you are all about it, afterall you are a mitt fan, I mean if he could do a speech without a teleprompter maybe I could take him seriously. I tell people to think for themselves and look up all the facts yourself, not speculation before deciding on something. I dont buy into the political bull left or right or in between because the special interest run America not a president. To the people who like Ron Paul on here I support some of his ideas but he will never have a shot because he is not in the club. Its funny how members on here attack each other because they either think left or right. Remember the old saying divide and conquer and that is what the government has always done to get what they want as it makes no difference
  9. The fact of the matter is the country is so far in debt that we are never going to dig ourself out, so they try to pass laws like these to get their foot in the door and then take complete control over the whole internet for revenue purposes. This bill isnt about pirated movies or music its about taking away more of our freedoms. I mean look at this bill which passed which gets hardly any coverage by mainstream news http://thinkprogress...bill/?mobile=nc it takes away our freedom to a trial or free speech, and isnt it strange that it was timed so perfectly to be signed while everybody was out celebrating new years. The only reason I can see this bill is they know their is going to be a war or a uprising, its pretty scary. I believe the sopa bill is the last resort to block the alternative media who reports on the real issues and what really is going on.
  10. In actuality it is kind of chucks fault because we could have made revisions to the old for sale section, by having a vote and putting all our ideas together in a poll instead making this another fee site which benefits only one person, A few years ago they had vs auctions as well as the regular for sale thread at same time, guess what people liked more. The regular for sale thread stayed on top and vs auctions crashed and burned. It is best to have the best interests at heart for the whole community and not one person. The bad apples can pull the same crap in new for sale section, so it does not make it any better, plus the old for sale was more craigslist style which was much easier to view.
  11. nagame as a buyer how is this really making things better you are getting the same protection through paypal as before, no changes, so who is really benefitting ask yourself that its just someone is making profit off the seller, so the scammers have to pay a little more to scam. So the buyer is in the same boat as before. We need changes that benefit us as a whole.
  12. Remember volvospeed auctions a few years back it never took off and died, reason being because ebay offers you more exposure if you are going auction route, how many people visit volvospeed? and how many visit ebay daily? Chuck already stated he rather get rid of for sale section for good so this is the right move to do that. Their will always be scammers out there and if people do their homework they would realize who and who not to do business with, its that simple. Now it comes down too, will this help volvospeed as a whole no it wont because their will still be scammers they will just have to pay a little more, it happens on ebay. If it is helping anybody the most it is helping chuck. Rather than take steps like how long a person has been a member and other reasonable steps that could have been implemented into the old for sale section and help everyone as a whole, we become like ebay
  13. Also if the immature people on here keep getting infractions day after day for acting immature permaban them it will get the childish people out of here
  14. This is just like feebay their were other options chuck could have done to improve the for sale section but to add a fee structure now is rediculous, you might as well sell on ebay and get the better exposure. If i do have something here and there to sell, swedespeed or volvoforums will be the move.
  15. Thanks matt, if everybody takes the attitude I am just another number and nothing is going to change if I take the time to file report, then you are right, nothing will change. He will also be a higher priority because he didnt just rip off one person he ripped off several. I provided the information to be helpful but I cant force anyone to fill out the report. As greekone says it works, just as it did for my friend who never recieved anything and got his money back after the cops showed up at his door. Take initiative people