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  1. I'm going to tend to agree with Ilya. I do not visit VS as much as I used to. From my point of view, the forums are overrun with posts about projectors and hids, how dark my tint should be, and Butt tickler threads of god knows what. At any given time there are multiple posts about putting 16ts on LPTs, speedtuning chips, where can I find a 19t, etc.... I also don't really like the way the site is run from an administrative standpoint. While I respect Charles' right to do what he wants with his site, I think it turns off some people, myself included. A good example of this is the for sal
  2. The mirror is calling. You can't touch me.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot. I mean, I think you blew an intercooler hose when you tried to pass me. Yeah, that's better. :lol:
  4. Ya RLY Non-highway, through 1st and 2nd gear. I'm sure he'd leave me from a 50 roll.... Must be those heavy pegs :ph34r:
  5. Where in the hell do you NW guys get all your $$? Are they giving it away up there? :lol:
  6. I've had the 16t on my car for a year now. 15k miles, and no problems. IPD ECU for a 13g and still pig rich. At 12 lbs, Greg couldn't pull on me yesterday :P
  7. Quite an impressive build. Us T-Brickers have been following the car for years. Regarding the powerplant - I was under the impression that the B204 was available in Italian markets in 740's only. A factory 2.0L 16v turbo designed to meet Italian regulations regarding engine size. I doubt he's still using a 2.0L block... do you know for sure Mike? Most 16vT builds use at least a B21/3E block, especially in Europe.
  8. Perhaps not on a 97. People have used 16ts and T5 ecus on 98 lpts. There should be no issues.
  9. FWIW - I ran both 315cc and 350cc injectors on my car with a wideband reader. The AFR's didn't change at all. Both still provided too much fuel under boost - a function of the ECU (IPD/TME) no doubt. However, duty cycle is an important variable in injector performance. An injector running at 80% is providing a much more uniform spray than one running 100%. I went with the 350's in my car.
  10. Sweet. I touched it. Suck it everyone! Well, accept for Chuck. He's obviously touched it too.
  11. I'm going to guess that it's not Volvo NA that's backing this year. Either way, I wish them the best of luck for 2006. Hopefully a different set of decision makers is in place for this season.
  12. That trunklid is from the Volvo sponsored S60 challenge series cars. They have nothing in common with the SPEED WC S60 GT cars. Atspeed has a buch of bodywork from these challenge cars laying around for some reason.
  13. You'll find no argument with me there. However the basic beleif strucuture amongst all Christian faiths is pretty consistant.
  14. I was born into a Catholic family. I went to Catholic elementary school, high school, and got a scholarship to a Catholic university. I've taken every religion class there is from 1st grade to advanced theology. I went to church every Sunday for the first 20 years of my life. I've read or heard nearly every passage in the bible. Perhaps I misspoke before, there ISN'T anything you can tell me right now to change my belief that God is a human fabricatation, that the Bible was written by man to use to his historical advantage, and that although Jesus was a historical person, he is not the So