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  1. Who doesn't like TC, place is awesome. Hit me up anytime.
  2. I've got a 17' Sierra. Clocking about 20-25k a year, just crossed 100k. Also, I've lived in Michigan since 2016 and I have enjoyed having a truck but am always looking to get into another wagon.
  3. rekindling the flame bruh.
  4. Still weird Danny and I became roommates after meeting on here...
  5. dear lord, everyone looks the same...
  6. Anyone? I'm selling this car.
  7. So far I haven't been able to get the Heep into any snow. Ballard has nothing and I don't go to the eastside so...
  8. Got the Ohlins on, and yes upside down was on purpose, thanks.
  9. M56H with almost all the parts and a lightened flywheel, I paid $750 shipped for the trans and parts (still wrapped on a pallet) and $125 for the flywheel. Make an offer, I'll take a lose on this stuff. I don't see myself using it.