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  1. Anyone? I'm selling this car.
  2. So far I haven't been able to get the Heep into any snow. Ballard has nothing and I don't go to the eastside so...
  3. Got the Ohlins on, and yes upside down was on purpose, thanks.
  4. M56H with almost all the parts and a lightened flywheel, I paid $750 shipped for the trans and parts (still wrapped on a pallet) and $125 for the flywheel. Make an offer, I'll take a lose on this stuff. I don't see myself using it.
  5. That guy is deep in the VW game. Nice projects that is for sure. Thanks for the recommendation!
  6. Can we weld tight, clean lines or what? Also, If I cut the stock and the angles could you weld a flange on and the pieces together for a downpipe? PM if you want, thanks.
  7. They'll also charge out the ass I'm sure, not a big fan of that shop.
  8. Need some fab work done....any recommendations? Aluminum welding for IC piping and steel for downpipe I think....
  9. Thanks! I've always liked the no roof rail look.