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  1. Balls deep here in sacramento!! came down to visit my grandma to kind of clean up their rental house and get it ready to rent again. They didnt really give us the whole story though, the last tennant some how backed up all of the water through out the house causing it to flood all over with sewer water. the whole kitchen had about 3 inches of grease on the floor, from wheat we dont know cause there wasnt even an oven. anyway dry rot everywhere, mold everywhere, cant get any better than this, haha. ill post up pics when i get back home for sure.

    May as well light a match.

  2. CNC Autosports in Bellevue on Northup next to Harbor Freight. (425) 641-7000. Ask for Joel and tell him you're buddys with me and they should be able to get you handled. I don't have in-house aluminum welding capability or I'd give you a hand. I've "got a guy" who does mine, but for something like intercooler piping it's best to have everything in one spot.


    Can we weld tight, clean lines or what?

    Also, If I cut the stock and the angles could you weld a flange on and the pieces together for a downpipe? PM if you want, thanks.