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  1. I talked to a couple other people about it, their response was that they thought the piston was loose in the bore ( bore was oversized for the piston) allowing it rock excessively which led to the fatigue failure.
  2. Those are the only things I can really think of as well. It either was contacting something.... unlikely if there weren't marks found anywhere... or perhaps the clearances were off and it was allowing the piston to rock in the bore. Or..... the skirts of the pistons were too short for the rod length and stroke and it was side loading the piston excessively. With the longer rod it tends to reduce the side loading but the skirts on these are shorter from what i know.
  3. I'm sure Wiseco can tell you exactly why the pistons failed, as the manufacturer and designer, I am sure they have seen all types of failures and understand why the pistons would see a failure in the method that they have. Sorry to see this Hussein,
  4. Would about right behind the rear right tire. next to the fender.
  5. Yea with all the weight you have up front with that thing I would definitely want the battery in the trunk. If the battery is gone you could easily use that space to build a nice shroud around the fliter.
  6. you might want to try to reroute that filter to the inner fender area. Seems like you are out of room in the engine bay and that filter looks pretty crowded.
  7. It has a m56H already, whats the improvement with a t5 gearbox? Was gonna do a header back 2.5" exhaust, single muffler no cat. Whats wrong with factory header? tubing diameter? It doesn't look that horrible from the outside.
  8. 10 is plenty! I am gonna change to the 3" AMM, so its nice to be able to fix the ECU for that. I am hoping to get some dyno time before the race. If i can get 10 more wheel hp out of it. Its worth while. In Lemons 200 hp 240s are rocketships. If i can get something like 160-170 wheel.... it will be enough not to be a slug on the straights. Reliability > HP
  9. that would be very awesome! Thanks. gonna show all those suckers what an NA white block can do.
  10. I'm in the process of getting a spare NA ECU I could probably send that out if it will help, I also have an ostrich can i get the required contents with that? Thanks for posting that, is this information enough to get the basic tables for tuning like changing the AMM, ignition timing, fueling, and RPM limit? I would think an NA ecu would be much more simple to tune then a turbo ecu. I'm gonna use it to tune my Lemons race car so any extra pep i can get would be awesome.
  11. If I have an NA motoronic 4.4 m56 car, is there a tuning file for this?