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  1. is alive and well, thankyou.

  2. New bug report: I often use alt+26 to produce a right pointing arrow: → or alt+0178 to poduce the ² in O² As of today, the board is converting them to jiberish like this → = ¡æ ² = ©÷ The only way I can correct this is to use the Quick Edit feature as even trying to correct this with the Full Edit results in jiberish. So the only reason you can now see this →² is because I had to use the Quick Edit. Please fix PS> I have tested this from multiple workstations, so it's not my computer.
  3. I've been posting steady on TB for the last 2 hours, no issues, noice and fast :)
  4. The S.S. TB has been raised from it's watery grave, the boat people are saved! :lol:
  5. Yes thanks for having us over, I really needed some place to stretch out