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  1. Laying tile in the living room today!

  2. /sadpanda That is all

  3. you will be missed luna

  4. Time for some sushi!

  5. getting ready for adoptions today and the neighbor kid comes up to me and tugs on my shirt. "hey do you think if you have time....umm.... maybe you don't have to but... could you make your remote control car jump our ramp?" he looked so cute.... and yes I'm charging the batteries on the dang thing, and I hope it doesn't get to airborne since the suspension is only set to land properly from a 1' jump.....come to think of it I should change that...

  6. Woot suspension is ordered and will be here on Friday. :D.

  7. And now on our way to the party :D

  8. So many people with expired tags here!

  9. So just got done finishing the grout, I'm both hungry and so sleepy... Why must I have such a conflict...

  10. And I am ready for a nap

  11. Don't mind me... just testing out my new lens :D can't wait till I get the new bouncer!!! should be fun to practice with that too...

  12. I'm all ready for adoptions and too early.... I'd go get lunch but I had a big breakfast, I'd play with the rc truck but the batteries are all dead.... so now I shall think of something to do that is not being busy related...

  13. you know something I never did post the vegas photos :|

  14. No I do not want a tequilla sprite and cat drink

  15. and I got photos uploaded to just now :D

  16. Back from the ER sleepy...

  17. Mental note: eat food before going to the ER :

  18. I think I found my next lens of choice its a sigma 18-55mm with a f2.8-4.5 lens any thoughts from my wise photographer friends?

  19. *sigh* hotel y 4 u change your rules!!!!

  20. and off to work....right??? thats where I'm supposed to be going...... but...I....don'

  21. Kitten keeps me awake all night long and somehow I'm wide awake at 7am???? what is this madness!!

  22. So I got a call from a number I sorta recognized then felt let down when it wasn't who I was expecting.....d'oh!

  23. The cats are plotting my downfall again!!!!!

  24. Osiris doesn't know what the superbowl is, but he does understand that it means free cuddle the corey lap time

  25. Man....the patriots are getting it handed to them