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  1. I will keep that in mind, I sometimes get flown to Cheyenne WY for work (going there this summer) and ship my bike with me so I may keep the Hayes on the bike then and just get them serviced at the shop, I don't mind doing a lot of things but servicing hydraulic brakes I like to leave up to the shop.

  2. Been riding my road bike for a while and decided to give my mtb some love, new tread switched to SRAM XO components and went tubeless and also rebuilt the BB/Headset/Hubs with new grease and bearings.  Rode it on the trail earlier in the month and it rode well.  I think it might be time to get a new crank though.  Thinking of swapping out my Hayes HFX-9's in favor of a set of Magura Marta SL's I have sitting around but I'm not sure if I want to since the haye's do their job for the most part....




  3. Passed emissions which consisted of new PCV, cleaning the EGR replacing the intake manifold (I had a ported one), replacing the larger vacuum hoses for the charcoal canister that apparently never got replaced. Ran full vacuum hoses from the turbo to the vacuum tree since previously it was a hard plastic line with vacuum hose in some spots. Found a torn throttle body hose and replaced that, no more apparent boost leak that I've had forever.