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  1. Heading to Idaho tomorrow to see mom, she's not doing too well so I wanna make sure I see her in case she doesn't get better. :(

  2. Not sure if my headache is due to the cold or the lack of caffeine.

  3. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I am unfortunately sick as a dog on my birthday so after dinner and a trip to the store, my present to myself with be a NyQuil coma!

  4. Someone one should make Reese's Peanut Butter Bacon.

  5. apparently there is no school today - woke up Martin bright and early to go to school and the bus never came. Other kids were at the bus stop though so I wasn't the only bad parent!

  6. Went to bed feeling fine, woke up feeling like stuff. FUUUUUUUU

  7. I saw a donk the other day near baseline and 185th. I didn't think we were that far south!

  8. Finally taking the tree down... We are procrastinators extraordinaire!

  9. Leak fixed, codes cleared, car runs great! First whiteblock major engine overhaul complete! This was a triumph.

  10. All I've got to do today is reseat the oil drain tube, but I'm woefully unmotivated. Car is up on stands, I've verified the problem, but I just don't wanna.

  11. Dear Volvo Engineers, Why did you put 500,000 bolts on the top of the B5245 engine? My back would like to lodge a complaint. Sincerely, Richard

  12. Apparently we have to move out in about a month. Our apt complex is choosing to not renew our lease. Somewhat understandable since we're on a 2nd floor with a 5-year-old, but not looking forward to packing yet again.

  13. Done wrenching for tonight, got the head on but the head bolts are too short! D'oh! Luckily Lucky from iPd is bringing a set home for me and I'll finish this oh yeah! up tomorrow!

  14. valve replaced. I needed 3 sets of hands but the damned thing is back together and a HUGE weight is lifted off my shoulders. Now to get the head back on the car...

  15. Popped the burnt valve out of the head...I should have picked up one at iPd when I was out there on Friday. But I wasn't entirely sure it was a bad valve, so I didn't want to buy parts I didn't know I'd need or not. Valve seat looks okay though. Valve removal tool cost an arm and a leg. A whole $0.21! I had the c-clamp already. :)