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  1. That's a good bit of work for a day off!
  2. Do you have any political connections? No? Good luck!
  3. I don't know how the monkey you knew it was a VT car, but no, it's Olive :)
  4. Yeah, I had to. Beat out a couple of other people from other states. Car is really nice, body is straight aside from that dent and the interior is CLEAN as a whistle. It's going to the shop next week for that dent and then we'll see what happens.
  5. Johann, tell me about your car trailer? Does the V70 actually haul it when it's loaded with a car? I just bought a 16' aluminum car hauler a little over a month ago.
  6. Who are you kidding. Car companies rarely work retroactively.
  7. Chuck, whats the word with the PMs?
  8. Hussein, you are THE MAN! This thread is great and it's so good that you took pictures all along the way. What are the latest dyno numbers?
  9. Jesus man! You are really getting right to work! Keep it up Johann, my friend just got back from visiting family in Holland, she had an excellent time.
  10. Johann, your rate of progress is one of the most astounding things about your builds. Kudos yet again.
  11. Is this something that the forum will vote on or that you/Chuck will just decide, the winner that is?
  12. Any nominations that really meet all the criteria? :lol:
  13. Bummer, but it sounds like you have some exciting things planned for the car! Johann, when can I come visit?