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  1. There are two different types of greens - 425 cc @ 3bar - 440 cc @ 3 bar Maybe that (partially) explains the difference in injector constant? Besides that... there a there are more factors that determine the right injector constant in a particular car, like for instance: how accurate is your air-mass reading. And of course how accurate the inj const is calibrated against the dead times. For the 608 bin with GLT AC-routines: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0o7zik4jq6ediju/608_rev5b_GLT-AC.bin?dl=0
  2. @EricH Or.. I could just upload you a 608 bin with GLT-AC routines. 608_rev5b_GLT-AC.bin
  3. There are two different types of green injectors: 413 and 440 cc
  4. Yeah, that was me who stated that the -608 bin could used in stead of a 607 bin by just flipping a bit. But there's more to it: many parameters, although on the same hex-adres and having the same functions are having different values for use as an automatic bin. The airco routines of the -607 and -608 bins are basically the same anyway, so it's not worth it. It has to be immobilizer related I think that this specific 608 bin only works with the ECU it's extracted from.
  5. Yaeh, but I replaced the fan routine too So this bin only works with the ECU it's extracted from? That's peculiar ....
  6. Yes I already knew that, I saw that in the bin. Pressure must be at least 3 bar before the fan kicks in. A friend tested it: with 6 degr Celsius his AC pressure was only 2.8 bar, his fan did not start.
  7. I'am not sure why the fan doesn't engage or even that it should. Maybe it's just not warm enough.
  8. I send you a new version of the bin. The fan should engage with this one....
  9. Ah, ok. So the compressor kicks on and stays on, only the fan doesn’t kick in..... I will investigate this and try to find out why this is.