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  1. There are two different types of greens 

    - 425 cc @ 3bar

    - 440 cc @ 3 bar

    Maybe that (partially) explains the difference in injector constant?

    Besides that...  there a there are more factors that determine the right injector constant in a particular car, like for instance: how accurate is your air-mass reading.

    And of course how accurate the inj const is calibrated against the dead times.


    For the 608 bin with GLT AC-routines:


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  2. 19 minutes ago, Chuck W said:


    Well, this must be an oddity with the -936 bin. It's about 10*C here this morning, and I was going to test things in my '97 T5 with the VS -607 bin. I started the T5 to test AC function with the stock M4.3 ECU and the AC compressor kicked on, but the fan did not. The fan was running later when I arrived at work and the engine was up to temp, so the fan isn't faulty. I'm not going to mess with swapping the flashed -607 ECU into this car (the T5) again until I'm ready to actually do the conversion (Was a plan for this car anyway), but no need to really test, if the M4.3 ECU does the same thing.
    It has been as cold as 5*C here when I was testing the ECUs in the GLT, and EVERY time the AC compressor is commanded the fan kicks on, so there is something different in the fan routines of the -936 bin, I guess.

    It looks like your  V4 -607 combo bin potentially works, but I may have to wait until we get more steady warmer temps to really verify.


    I remember when reading through the thread that the group at some point decided to stop supporting the -607 bin and just focus on the -608, seeing as you could switch between manual and auto by changing the bytes at 1 address. I don't remember what other changes have been made to the -608 vs the -607 after that point, but would it be a good idea to switch this to a -608 bin base, or is it just not worth it? Just thinking on down the line if someone else wants to do the same thing.

    Another question on the -936 bin. Is there an immobilizer in there somewhere? Just trying to figure out why the ECUs flashed with a -936 won't start/run. I know there was a small hardware difference in the board between the -936 and a 98MY M4.4 ECU, and you said that *might* be immobilizer related. I'm not sure how a car acts when the immobilizer is doing it's thing.

    Yeah, that was me who stated that the -608 bin could used in stead of a 607 bin by just flipping a bit.

    But there's more to it:  many parameters, although on the same hex-adres and having the same functions are having different values for use as an automatic bin.

    The airco routines of the -607 and -608 bins are basically the same anyway, so it's not worth it.


    It has to be immobilizer related I think that this specific 608 bin only works with the ECU it's extracted from.

  3. Yaeh, but I replaced the fan routine too :blink:



    1 hour ago, Chuck W said:

    As a side note, there appears to be an issue with the -936 bin that I posted. Flashing that bin to either another -936 ECU or any other turbo M4.4 ECU results in a car that struggles to start and stay running. Also, the cooling fan will kick on during this time and will not shut off until the battery is disconnected. The car starts and runs fine when the stock -936 ECU is put back in the car.

    So this bin  only works with the ECU it's extracted from?

    That's peculiar ....

  4. Aha, haha, now I see where the "current" confusion is coming from.: google translate confusion :biggrin:

    The german word for electrical current is "Strom"" (elektrischer Strom) not "aktuell" !!


    Aktuell means current as in "at the moment"


    No, it is ac pressure. ... In the same routine,  just before where the F96F.4  flag can be set, the AC-pressure is read with an ADC channel attached to B9

    That's where I got it from.


    Never trust Google translate !! :blink:


    Something has got to be wired up differently .... sure.

    However not in the ECU but in the AC-system itself.

    Regretably I don't have a schematic of the Ac-system of an 97 850GLT



  5. The AC routines of the '97 850 GLT are partially different from the 607/608 AC routines.

    Amongst other things two RPM dependent lookup tables were added in the 607/608 bins.

    I changed the AC routines of a  607 bin to match the AC-routines in the 97 850 GLT bin.

    I think that will do the trick, but it has to tested when Chuck W is back in the US