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  1. I like your new tuningapproach though! But not throwing overboard the whole concept of the load based regulation of the M44. Using the P-part hack is basically the same as using a boostcontroller. With the boostcontrol mod you can have all the advantages of a load based system without the difficulties of regulating a larger turbo. The only investment necessary is a, what will it be?, 15 (or something like that) dollar boostsensor.
  2. I consider the boostcontrol mod made by Maarten the most elegant solution though.
  3. You might as well start using the P-Part hack bin variant then.
  4. If I understand correctly the only problem is an occasional rich spike while idling, right?
  5. That would be no problem if there’s enough memory space left for it. Although.... several variables of the EVAP routine have been reused in some mods......
  6. Checked it in the bin: As for your question: "Is the "injection time" as logged (VTI) the actual and only injection time sent to the injectors? " Yes it is. It's the one and only signal passed to the chip that drives the injectors.
  7. Strange, I've never seen such a drop in AFR while idling though. I've got some pretty long logs while idling. I know that in order to maintain a constant idle the ecu changes ignition advance for fast corrections. Maybe this has something to do with it? Dunno, it would'nt give such a big deviation in AFR I guess. I
  8. Let it be clear that I'am not opposed to an extra VE table and I'am not saying your theory is wrong. But if all other parameters are within spec there's, at least in my opinion, for the average user too little to gain for the effort they have to make for getting the table right and keeping it right. Which is by the way not quite the same as: "it runs very good with this and you shouldn't need"
  9. Well... I do want my engine tuned really well and it is..., it runs very good...without an extra VE table. And I'am using methanol injection for almost two years now. I'am not experiencing wide AFR swings and my STFT runs well within its limits. If you need an extra VE table to get stable AFR's then I suspect that you are compensating with it for something else being off :) But it's not that I oppose using an extra table, by all means.. If wanted I'll make it. But you should get good results without it,. If everything else is ok improvements should be very marginal with an extra table. Don't forget if you've optimized that extra table, it will be off again as soon as you change something in your load request or ignition table because the volumetric efficiecy it is compensating for has changed. You might as well keep tuning open loop.
  10. In the widebandmod the VE-table has been given a completely different function btw. It isn't a Volumetric Efficiency correction table anymore but has become a AFR -request table. The ECU is still calculating it's injection times as before, assuming a volumetric efficiency of 1. Only now the resulting AFR is corrected to the corresponding value in the now called AFR request table (formely known as VE table) by means of the STFT in a closed loop system, made possible with the wide band lambda sond. The correction for volumetric efficiency is automatically incorporated in this feedbacksystem. Making tuning a seperate VE table obsolete. Making tuning much simpler, not having to worry about the AFR changing when modifying the other tables anymore. Yeah, I know... some of us still wants an extra VE table to tune, to get the calculated injection time as close as possible to the requested AFR before correction through the feedbacksystem with aid of the STFT. And although I have modified the WB mod for them to make this possible, it's my opinion that it's not worth the effort tuning this extra table which should be done everytime you change the requested load. (Changing req load means changing boost which means changing volumetric efficiency) The extra effort just doesn't pay off enough. As long as you have your injectors and MAF calibrated good enough so that the ECU can calculate a good basic injection time, the resulting AFR achieved with the wb closed loop will be more then close enough without this last correction for the volumetric efficiency in the calculated injection time.
  11. The STFT could be shut off during deceleration. In fact, I think I already once experimented with this in the past. Not sure. I'am spending some time in Iceland right now, when I'am back home again I will look into it. The STFT doesn't correct the VE map btw, as the VE map is a correction by itself. The ECU calculates the injectiontime out of RPM, airmass and injectionparameters (injector constant and deadtimes) assuming a volumetric efficiency of 1 throughout the whole RPM range, which of course isn't the case. That's where the original VE table comes in, being a correction of the Volumetric efficiency in the injectiontime calculations. The STFT just adds (or subtracts) extra time to the calculated injection time.
  12. I'have added a simple app for changing your MAF table into a table for a Standard 2,5" ID, 2.75" ID (S90), 3.25" ID (BMW 540I) or 3.75" ID MAF at a single push of a button to the Wikipedia http://m44.wikia.com/wiki/Modified_Vehicles (Alternative Mafconvertor) (or download it right here: M44_MAF_Converter.zip )
  13. The COP mod is not for free though. You can buy it from Tightmopedman9 who is the developper of it.
  14. Then you are either lucky or .... they have improved it (which would be good to know)
  15. When I try to download the bin I get this: " The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. " WTF
  16. Tired of having to stop and shut the engine down to be able to read the DTC codes, I've modified the bin to send the DTC codes along with the logframe and adapted my logging program to be able to show them while driving. http://www.meditekst.nl/M44/M4Xreader/dtccodes.mp4
  17. So .. something must be wrong with the ADX you're using instead of the test ADX? Did you set the bodysize and payloassize in "Listen for data frame" to (at least) 47
  18. What's the outputvoltage of your AD8495 board? Is it also random?
  19. There are two (software) loops in wich the microcontroller can be. In what I call a prestart loop and in a running loop. For testing some stuff I only needed the to get the microcontroller into the running loop which can be accomplished by a signal at A20 (square or sinus doesn't matter) of sufficient amplitude . It won't simulate ignition and injector signals that way, for that you will have to apply a missing tooth and a cam signal. Wich makes thing more complicated ofcours. But for my purposes just getting the micropressor in the "running loop" was enough.
  20. I manage to get the ECU in the "running loop" by just simply applying a square wave signal of something like 50 HZ to A20 with aid of a function generator.
  21. Could be that there's a voltagedivider in the electronic ciruit of the MAF channel in the ECU to protect the ADC input of the microcontroller against overvoltage.