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  1. The misreading of the AFR of 0,4 with the spartan electronics connected to the ECU ground means there is a voltage drop of 0,2 volt. This could be consistent with a voltage drop of a bipolar transistor wich switches the sensor ground to ECU ground. A bipolar transistor would need a resitor to switch, a FET does not, Avinitlarge are you sure the sensor ground is switched by a FET and not a bipolar transistor?
  2. Won't connecting electronics ground of the spartan to A19 damage the ecu because of the current the electronics of the spartan draws? I'am hesitant trying that out, we allready have a defect ecu with a non working fueltrim circuitery after connecting the sensor ground with the ecu ground that is: common ground for wideband heaterground, wideband electronics ground, sens - of the ECU and ECU ground (although we did get a correct AFR reading of the spartan that way).
  3. Well...I'am certainly not a saint and no tuning expert either, just an enthousiastic DIY tuner. But there isn't a choice between torque and power. Power is no more then a product of torque and RPM, so when you double torque at a certain RPM, you double the power for that specific RPM. When tuning on a dyno you have to seek for best torque per cell in the table, that's were the engine performs at his optimum. When you want less power in a certain area, you have to reduce boost in tat area and after that you still have to seek for the best torque possible at that boostlevel..
  4. Hi I have been reading this topic with great interest. Great things are happenig here !! Together with my son Maarten ("venderbroeck") we are playing with the M4.4 too. I own a 850R with a Motronic 4.3 Turbotuner USB with a COP module attached to it. I want to change to a M4.4 with an Ostrich and TunerPro. They already are waiting on the shelf for installation. But first I had to make the COP module independent of the ECU. We did it somewhat differently than Lookforjoe, we made the install completely independendant of the ECU I removed the the old coil and put the COP module there instead because there are already 3 of the 4 inputs needed available: earth, ignition key activated supply and the ignition discharge signal. The only signal missing is the cam sensor signal, we took that of the wire near the CAM sensor. This will make changing ECU's more easily