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  1. Yes, the ECU uses the system voltage, which you are logging now, for determining which cell to use in the deadtime table. You can use the trace function of tunerpro to see which cell the ECU uses.
  2. We call the 608 bin a manual bin and a 607 bin an automatic bin. Essentially there's no such thing as a separate manual bin or automatic bin. Both the 607 and 608 bin have all routines necessary for a manual as well as for an automatic. Whether the bin will behave as an automatic or as a manual bin depends on the setting of one single bit (flag). In the 608 bin it's the first bit of the byte at address C8ED (C8ED.0) and in the 607 bin it's the first bit of the byte at address C8FC (C8FC.0) bit not set = automatic; bit set = manual. C8ED (608 bin) and C8FC (607 bin) aren't used for anything else, so you can just change it's value with a scalar in the XDF into 0 for automatic and 1 for manual.
  3. In order to be able to log battery voltage just change 5A hex into 36 hex at address 7D92 in the "manual" (608) bin or at address 7E0C in the "automatic" (607) bin. You can do this with tunerpro: in the XDF: Create new XDF parameter - Scalar - give it a name; fill in the Address (0x7D92 for a manual or 0x7E0C for an automatic bin); select hex digits at output type; leave conversion X and Save. Then Edit your ADX to be able to see the battery voltgae in your logs: under Aquisition choose edit definition - Values - change ZWNEU into Battery Voltage (or something like that) , range low: 0 range high 15, conversion X*.07040
  4. If you're using a bin with permanent logging then in realterm you should automatically see a stream of bytes coming in after connecting while the engine is running. (So, without having to send someting at all) (baudrate 125000) You don't have to check the half duplex box. Being able to flash a bin means that you can connect to the ECU. If you see bytes coming in with realterm then probably something is wrong with the settings in Tunerpro. If you don't see bytes coming in with realterm while connected then probably your bin isn't sending frames.
  5. Ah right. As soon as I'am home and have some time I will take a look at it
  6. Then your MAF readings could be off. What's your airmass at idle with the aircon off?
  7. With my greens 0.75 as injector constant and 0.52 as dead time. There are two types of greens with different capacities: 448cc/min and 418cc/min The latter being the original volvo greens. Mine are 448 cc/min
  8. W'e have several X-Ram addresses in use for our mods though: FAC0; FAC1, FAC2, FABF, FDCB It would be nice if they were kept reserved for our mods :)
  9. Yes that's true. But I added an extra piece of code to the routine just after the readout of the load table which stores the value read from the table into a variable to be send with the logging routine. Using the old conversion for tps, the value of the cell in the load table shown with tracing did't match this variable. This was because the tracing showed the wrong cell. With X*0.4166667+13.33333 as the conversion for TPS the right cells are shown and the tracing exactly matches the variable. Also at other points in the xdf a conversion of X*0.4166667+13.33333 is used.
  10. Just select "ëxplicit" and select "TPS" in the "Select X Axis DA Item" box. After correction of the TPS conversionfactor, TPS values logged with TunerPro should be the same as seen by the Torque app.
  11. While developing and testing the extended maps I came across an error in the ADX I don't know if someone already had noticed this, but the conversion factor of the TPS in the ADX should be X*0.4166667+13.33333 instead of X*0.4166667. This error gives you false TPS readings and false readings with the trace function of the load and TCV tables.
  12. You have to update the firmware, it's a never officially by innovate released beta version of the firmware. I don't know exactly were to download it anymore but with Google you should be able to find it yourself. How to connect things to the innovate LC-1 is clearly described in their manual wich you can download from their site. Please do open a separate topic for your M44 related questions! B.t.w. pinouts of all volvo M44 ecu's are exactly the same.
  13. You can't connect anything directly to the LSU !! It always has to be at the controller where you connect things. I'am not entirely familiar with the AEM wideband, but normally you can connect the ECU and gauge parallel to the 0-5 volt output.
  14. You can choose wich channel you want to use for the wideband sensor with the XDF that comes with it. If you ground the sensor the right way the rear O2 channel is usable, but connecting the sensor solely to the O2 sensor wiring introduces an offset.
  15. Hi My son Maarten (better known as venderbroeck around here) takes care of implementing our mods. Best you PM him for the widebandmod or any other of our mods. He only asks a relatively small donation for the effort it took for developing the mods and the effort it takes to implement the mods in your bin and help you with it. With our widebandmod you can do exactly that what you described a few posts back.
  16. Done testing the extended tables mod, works really fine. This is how it looks like:compared to the original tables: Axis are also rescalable. At mescalinedreamz. I'am not annoyed by your questions and certainly won't bash you for it, as most people here won't. But wouldn't it be a good idea to open your own topic for it. Cluttering this informative and somewhat technical topic with posts with so much text just asking for explanations ... well that is somewhat of an annoyance though.
  17. Volvo has a habbit of mixing older and newer systems during transitions to newer models. Apparently the 1997 850 models already have the newer AC of the 70 series installed but still uses the M43 ECU. Clearly they just adapted the M43 software to then newer AC. Installing a M44 ECU or a 1997 model M43 ECU, modified for the newer AC in a pre 1997 M43 car with the older type AC will definitely NOT damage the aircon! The aircon just will not work. The other way around, combining a pre 1997 M43 ECU with a car with the newe AC will eventually fry your AC compressor.
  18. Installing a, for the AC, unmodifiied M44 in a M43 car shouldn't harm your AC. The AC just won't work with it.
  19. You do realize that with the hardware AC mod all kinds of in the ecu build in safety measurements for the AC will be disabled, putting your compressor at risk??