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  1. Thanks for the information, I've added the 4 MAF scalars to the XDF file, I think I've got the right conversion for the speed ( X*30 ) but I haven't a clue for the air flow conversion. I am I right in thinking for the speed diagnostic is between 1500rpm to 2010rpm ?
  2. Can the MIL lamp be disabled for MAF error codes ? The reason I ask is I keep getting error code EFI-355 ( mass air flow sensor fault ) I've tried fitting aftermarket, secondhand and OEM sensors but after a day or two the fault code comes back. The sensor is working perfectly OK. Thanks
  3. Has anyone no what the minimum injector time (temin) for Bosch 550cc 0280158117 injectors ? Thanks
  4. When I converted my fwd p80 to AWD I used a xc70 d5 m66 gearbox but had to fit a s60r diff in the gearbox so I can use the 850 drive shafts. As for the clutch I'm using a solid flywheel with a 850r pressure plate and a S60R friction plate.
  5. Yes I'm using a AEM WB O2 sensor with the WB mod which was set up by Maarten at the beginning of 2018, What I've noticed is the logged AFR is not the same as the reading on the gauge so after a lot of searching the internet I think I've found the problem. This is the conversion formula I was using, (((X* 0.0196078) - 0.2)*2) + 10 But I found this on a ford forum to work the conversion formula. From the AEM manual 0v =10 AFR and 4.99v = 19.98 AFR Max AFR - Min AFR = AFR range. 19.98 - 10 = 9.98 9.98 / 255 = 0.0391372549 So the formula for tunerpro would be (X*0.0391372549) + 10 I've tried this formula and the logged AFR is now with in 2% of the reading on the gauge.
  6. Hi, This mite be a daft question but why is my logged AFR (in red) different to my requested AFR (in blue)(middle graph) ?
  7. The delay to lambda regulation is set to 10 on mine. I'm running a 200 cel performance cat. What would the conversion factor for afterstart enrichment be ? Thanks
  8. I'm still running green injectors. :) It never did this with the old 2.3 engine.
  9. Hi, As the weather getting colder here in the UK I've noticed when the car is started from cold it runs very rich (AFR of 10) When rev'd it doesn't pick up and when it does black smoke comes out of the exhaust, after 5 minutes of idling it runs fine. So I'm thinking as it's now a 2.5 ltr the warm up tables need tweaking, so which warm up table needs adjusting ? Thanks
  10. If I remember correctly the BMW housing doesn't have a chamfer were the sensor fits in to allow for the O ring on the Volvo sensor so I either fitted a thinner O ring or made a rubber gasket but I can't remember.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. I checked the bin file against an old one and noticed some of the knock tables where set to 8.02 load instead of 12.24. I set the BTC to 0.54 but under WOT I was only getting 5psi of boost so I've lowered to 0.44 and I try that during the week.
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. I disabled the BTC and the problem didn't go completely away, it still cut the boost but the engine kept running. As you can see from the photos when under boost the requested AFR flat lined then the injector duty cycle went through the roof along with air mass (3.25" MAF) this all happened in 0.1 of a second. My " boost threshold for LDR active " was set to 0.13 but I've now set them to 0.53 across all rpm's I've two trains of thought on what could be behind this problem, a faulty fuel pump or a corrupt piece of wideband control software. I've got a spare ostrich with a original bin file that venderbroeck modified for the latest wideband control software.
  13. I'm also running venderbroeck's boost threshold bin but it's over boosting to the point the ecu is shutting down when boosting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4q0bedcsvnbccu2/boost cut1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qu3s4xj262g4gjh/boost cut2.jpg?dl=0 As you can see the logged TCV setpoint is 10.46 but the setpiont in the bin is 6.4 I've PM'd venderbroeck about this but he seams to have disappeared of the face of the earth. Does anyone no what needs to be adjusted to stop it from over boosting ? Thanks
  14. Is anyone running Maarten's boost threshold mod ? Mine is set to 0.54 and is only boosting to 5 psi, what do I need to set it to get 18 psi ? Also on Maarten's injector calibrator software does anyone no the factor, and offset fields for the conversion formula. Thanks
  15. Maarten, Can you please reply to my messages. Thanks
  16. In tunerpro under idle/start up there's "Start Basic Injection Quantity" does this effect the AFR when the engine is idling ?
  17. I think I've got a problem with my data logger. It's been as good as gold up until today when it would only log for 5 - 7 seconds then it stops. I can connect to it no problem but when I disconnect I get this error message. Any ideas ?
  18. Hi, I'e been doing some 4th and 5th gear runs and I'm getting very close to maxing out the load of 12.24ms at only 3600 rpm. I'e got Piet's load rescaling software but the max load in tunerpro is 12.24 and won' go any higher. How do I increase the load in tunerpro ? Thanks.
  19. Both hard and soft limits are set to 158 in speed limit in tunerpro and won't go any higher. Both are set to 255 in parameter XDF info. Sorry my mistake the s60r diff is in the xc70 gearbox as the diesel diff uses large drive shafts. The rear diff is from a p80 97 v70awd.
  20. Hi, I converted my 96 850 t5 from FWD to AWD last summer and instead of fitting the m58 gearbox I fitted a m66 from a diesel xc70 with a s60r diff. My question is can the speed limit be increased from 158 mph in the bin file ? I've tried to increase the speed in tunerpro but it won't go any higher than 158 mph. I'm able to go way above this 4th gear. Thanks.
  21. Hi, I've opened my current tune but can't find the "do not validate file name" box Any pointers to where I'm go wrong. Thanks
  22. Maarten, Did you get my email about the data logger software ?
  23. I'm interested and I pm'd you yesterday, did you receive it ?
  24. Hi, I've noticed in the Bin. file that the max load in the ignition map is 8.02ms But in the TCV target load setpoint the max is 11.712ms I thought the TCV target load setpoint couldn't exceed the max load of 8.02ms