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  1. I have noticed that the kg/hr v`s the MAF voltage I`ve been logging doesn`t match the kg/hr v`s voltage in the MAF editor,
  2. Thanks I`ve been looking everywhere for it and it was right under my nose
  3. Tried to do this and run in to a little problem. I can`t find "TunerPro Major load axis table" Can someone help.
  4. Does anyone know what these tables "Deceleration leaning factor (K + L-component)" & "Factor deceleration leaning (Dk-component)" are for in tunerpro ? Thanks
  5. But when comparing the kg/hr to the voltage, 24 kg/hr = 0.7448v OR 0.8008v =32.25kg/hr could the N/A inlet cam being +2 degrees be why the ilde is high ?
  6. At 1230 rpm the MAF is reading 23.63 kg/hr at 0.8008 Volts @ 14.82 AFR Also the ignition angle is -2.25 LTFT_I =36.00 LTFT_PL = o.78 STFT = 25.00
  7. I'm unable to data log at the moment. I've checked and double checked for air leaks and can't find any. Could be maf is not measuring the lower air flow ? I did notice that the first 6-8 lines had voltage but no air flow in the maf editor.
  8. The idle wont go any lower than 1200rpm with a steady afr of 15.2. Any ideas ?
  9. Reflashed the ecu with the correct maf parameters. Started the car and had a misfire on injector number 4. Removed and refitted all ok. My afr's on idle are between 14.4-15.6
  10. This the MAF parameters I`m using https://www.dropbox.com/s/7arbcp27m72qv2b/540iMAF.xls This the MAF editor https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1bkmhrwjblo8ou/Motronic%204.4%20MAF%20Table%20Editor.exe And this the bin file https://www.dropbox.com/s/bg0as92er4o3mle/608_rev540i-greens.bin
  11. Just been out and fitted a MAF sensor that I know is a working bosch one - still no difference on idle and the AFR`s are still 18+ at 2.5k ilding I removed the bottom intercooler hose while the car was running. The idle increased BUT the AFR`s dropped to 14.8-15.4 Would this indicate the MAF parameters are wrong ?
  12. Yes the battery was disconnected for the last two days. I`ve used the formula/software for the MAf and then added your green settings to the map. EDIT, I`ve noticed the MAF sensor is a aftermarket one not a Bosch one, could this affect the running ?
  13. Got my greens and 3.25" MAF (BMW 540i with 850 sensor) fitted today. Car starts OK but my AFR gauge is off the scale (+18) on idle. I`ve tried adding fuel but to no joy the AFR`s are still high. Could the problem be with the MAF not reading the right amount of air passing throgh it ? Does anyone have any ideas ? Thanks.
  14. What program do I need to open this file ? Thanks.
  15. I tried razorx`s formula on my ve map, Well either i`m doing something completely wrong or my ve map is all to pot. My VE map. And my AFR map. VE map multiplied by 14.7/(x*0.0078125) Hopefully someone can point out where I`ve gone wrong
  16. I found that flashing the ECU on the car a PITA, some times it would take 3 or4 attemps to flash the ECU. flashing the ECU out of the car is alot easier Using the ostrich is so easy it`s unreal
  17. I`ve been doing some base line data logging. Whilst I was driving the MIL light came on, read the fault code and it was "EFI-112 memory fault ROM in TCM" Any ideas whats up with the ECU ?
  18. Here is a screenshot of the conversion tab. The packet offset is set at 0x05 should it be set to 0x7D92 ?
  19. Before I get shoot down in flames I`m still can`t get data logging of the battery voltage. I`m no PC/software whizz and this thread is proving that you can teach a old dog new tricks "I got voltage logging running. Open up your favorite hex editor (I like HxD) and change address 0x7D92 from 5A to 36. This will replace parameter 5, VZWNEU, with voltage. You can use this .adx which has a dash configured for displaying battery voltage. Or you can just edit the parameter in your own .adx. The conversion is X*.0704. Map tracing for some reason still isn't working, but at least you can monitor your voltage." I`ve found and changed the 5A to 36 and changed the values in VZWNEU from degrees to volts but it only reads a max of 6 !!! Can someone tell me where I`m going wrong Thanks