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  1. ben.oniga - Thank you for shopping with us... Car looks fantastic..
  2. Hello, JAM RS is a bbs style rim. Some people prefer using different stickers than JAM Rimz. We get our own rims made in China and Taiwan. Two of our famous Volvo (5x108) Wheels thats the - RS Style are made in China and the P40 Style Gloss Black are made in Taiwan. We can also get you other brands - like ADR , RTX , FASTCo, Rohana, Forgestar, Miro, DAI, Raceline, Boss, Eagle, MSR, Ikon, MHT, DUB, Niche etc.... 5 Spoke wheels are available in Gunmetal. 18x8 ET40 - $650 + Shipping if required. 19x8.5 ET40 - $725 + Shipping if required. I can send you exact pics if you like. Email: jamrimz@hotmail.com
  3. Hey Guys, I really apologize. I did not get any emails for the any of the comments posted here. May be thats how it works, was not too sure.. Sorry too new to the forum. Yes our website is not the best at the moment and does not have e-commerce as well.. But I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions on the forum, email or by phone. We have the BBS RS Style wheels for volvo. Specs: 18x8.5 ET35 Silver / Polished Lip - 5x108 CB73.1 We also have the HRE P40 Style Wheels in 18x8 ET40 - 5x108 in Gloss Black And lastly sir with a comapny named JAM Rimz you can find the great deals on nice looking wheels for your car. Anyway... Once again I apologize for not being able to reply on the forum. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you members with. Email: jamrimz@hotmail.com All emails will be replied with in one hour. My cell phone no: +1(647)8021190 Sir those were available in 15 offset only for 5x120. Currently sold out though. What offset are you looking for? I can send you a few options available by email. jamrimz@hotmail.com
  4. Hey, Thank you so much for the welcome. We are located in Mississauga, ON - Canada. We have a good and a different selection of wheels / tires for Volvo Cars / Suv's. We will be posting a few options on "for sale" thread. Prices posted will be Cash n Carry. Shipping all over USA / Canada is available. Any question, inquiries, pricing are welcome. I hope we can help all the members with their needs and requirements You can Call us @ +1(647) 802 1190 or email: jamrimz@hotmail.com FB Page: www.facebook.com/jamrimz