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  1. can attest to what a downpipe does on these P80R's. It was like a whole new world after putting one on my 00VR even with just a stage1 hilton tune, and those gooseneck ones just scream massive choke point
  2. no you don't. I'm not a member and taking my VR. I've heard the gilmore museum has an absolutely incredible collection of cars. Hoping to have my rim back and repaired in time for it. How does the exhaust sound? I really wanted it for my car but it just wasn't in the budget after having to get a new downpipe for it just a few months ago
  3. Glad you got that exhaust and to meet Dan! he's an absolutely awesome guy. Welcome to the group! Check out the VCOA Gilmore event coming up in Grand Rapids. There will be a lot of cars out for that event! congrats on the new exhaust
  4. Conor. Any recommendations for mild perfromance gains from my V70R? Its an 05 with 110K with an Auto. I was thinking intake...TB Spacer? Maybe exhaust?

    Thanks, Kevin

  5. you hit the nail on the head buddy, who cares about anything lets just boost boost boost!!!!
  6. Got a Hilton stage 1 tune on the 00'VR with torque delete. Damn this car is so much more fun now and the customer service was great.
  7. just got the sway bars in today! whooo. those plus the strut bar and HD endlinks the wagon should handle like a champ
  8. fresh ipd end links. incredible how much better it handles since the old one was snapped off on the passenger side. new rear wiper motor plus the rear tailgate panel repair kit.
  9. got my rims straightened (curse you michigan pot holes), had the tranny flushed about a week ago and the breather system re done. oh and the Snaab intake poly intake spacer put on while the intake was off and cleaned