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  1. Quick ? on the Auction section. Are the old auctions saved? If so it would be nice to be able to search them. I search old ebay auctions a lot to get a feel what something generally sells for, or sold for. Also, it allows people to contact the high bidder and see if they would be willing to resell it to you. Just a thought.
  2. nice! Do stores exist? Or only auctions for now? I saw a reference to it in the "About me" page, but I didn't see a specific store button or link.
  3. Thanks man! I really appreciate it. There were days where I was archiving PMs every day I had so many.
  4. You rock Chuck. Thanks! Any chance of upping the PM limit? Maybe to 150 or even 200 messages?
  5. Personally, I don't think $10 more is going to break the bank. So before you go dropping the whole GB you may just want to find out who is willing to pay $10 more...
  6. Ah, I see. Hope the withdrawal symptoms aren't too bad ;0)
  7. December? BTW everyone - all orders that have been paid so far have been shipped.
  8. Detailed installation instructions are included with information on how to set them.
  9. powdercoat will chip off after one or 2 times of use. Plating will last much much longer.
  10. Beefier swaybars are always a good upgrade, but not required for our endlinks. The problem our links solve is the crappy stock design, regardless what sway bars you are running. The QBM links allow whatever sway bar you have to work as designed (in addition to being adjustable, outlasting stock links by about 500 years, etc etc). This is why even people with stock sway bars notice a huge difference with performance endlinks like ours.
  11. GB email has been sent. Check your inboxes. If you didn't get it you either didn't email us or the GB email got blocked as spam. BTW Aaron Behr wins the blue ribbon for fastest payment. He literally paid about 30 seconds after I sent the email.
  12. I will be emailing the GB details in a few minutes to everyone on the list. If you EMAILED us, you are on the list. If not, you need to EMAIL at the link in my sig to be on the list. Thanks!
  13. Hey, just to let everyone know, I am going to look into getting my bolts stripped and nickel or chrome plated. If anyone else would be interested you could have Joseph ship your bolts to me and you pay me for the plating + shipping back to you. I have no clue what it could cost, but it would be relatively cheap and to do 200 pieces would only benefit everyone vs me doing my 20. I will charge you whatever it costs me. Will probably be in the neighborhood of $0.40-$0.75 each. Please do NOT post or PM me and ask what it would cost. I have no clue at this point and if you ask I will just cut and paste this paragraph. Keep in mind that plating is only as good as the metal's finish itself. So if you want mirror finish polished triple chrome bling look, and the bolts end up coming from H&R with a standard ugly jerk rough industrial finish, the plating will just be a shiny standard ugly jerk rough industrial finish. The only way around that is to sand and mirror polish each bolt head face before being plated. That is no problem, but it will be extra time and $ for the labor. Nickel plated will have the most corrosion resistance. I can also do black hard chrome though, which is sweet. It's NOT the "black chrome" like you see on some optional badges on cars or cabinet hardware. That is decorative only and is not really chrome. It's zinc plating with black dye in it and is plated on a polished part to give it a smoke mirror chrome plated look. It provides no corrosion protection at all. Black hard chrome is NOT that. Black hard chrome is designed as a corrosion plating and looks like semi gloss black paint and is hard as a rock - you will not see any shiny metal underneath. It is NOT cheapass black oxide either. If you want a stealth look, black chrome is killer. Also, there is a $100 minimum with my plater, so if 4 people want nickel and 1 person wants black hard chrome , the person that wants black hard chrome is SOL unless he either wants to foot the $100 minimum or settle for nickel like everyone else.
  14. Put me down for 5mm front and 15mm rear and appropriate bolts for both.
  15. Don't panic folks - If you followed the directions and emailed, you are on the contact list. As soon as everything is finalized you will be the first ones to be notified with all of the juicy details!