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  1. Has anyone on a pretty non-COP, non WBO2 seen before that XP_IST and Load are capped at 10.8? I checked my ADX and my XDF and found nothing that would hint to a setting being off. Kind of annoying as the turbo I am using on this car would to about 12 ish, just below the load limit for such vanilla bin. Screenshot:
  2. Not the nicest one in the world but affordable:
  3. Yes, I thought about the Eval system later today after writing my answer to you. I am pretty sure I can make that run, too.
  4. I will use Maxxecu Race on my 850. I already set this up in different vehicles with good success. AC control has been done using VEMS before, so it's possible. Haven't spent too much thought on that yet as my 850 currently doesn't have AC anyways. Basically you can monitor the pressure sensor and based on certain conditions activate the coupling of the compressor. I have a full workshop manual for the AC only, so I guess I will figure that out when the time comes. What do you mean with emissions exactly? The car has still a cat, closed loop wideband lambda control etc. So it will easily pass an emissions test.
  5. Depends on the use case, but in my opinion an aftermarket ECU is a good alternative. I am going this route now and I like the 100% control you get over the engine. No maps you don't know or understand etc. Definitely has its advantages. But then again, M4.4 is also great.
  6. I already have one for the 7064 somewhere here under showroom. I can make a new one once I start on the 7670. Right now, the car is waiting for the body shop slot in January. Needs some rust removal and conservation. And engine bay paint ;)
  7. One of the best turbos for this application. Love mine, but am upgrading to EFR 7670 and a custom spaghettifold.
  8. You can just calculate the new factor, taking into account the raised fuel pressure compared to 3 bar. For 3 bar 0.7188 works fine if the dead times are correct.
  9. What would be the easiest way to switch off the LDR for tuning purposes? I'd like to run an engine off TCV for testing and log the achieved load and then put these load values into the target load setpoint map. Just zero the target load map?
  10. If the limiter is set to 255 it means there is no limit. Therefore you already turned it off successfully. That's what I did with mine and the fastest I have seen so far was GPS 275 on the Autobahn. Don't feel comfortable going any faster in the 850R. But I can say for sure that the 255 turned the limit off.
  11. Did you set both hard and soft limit to 255? How does your haldex work in the 850?
  12. I have never turned off LDR with my very fast spooling EFR7064 and overshoots are no problem. Another question though: knock detection with 83,5 mm bore. The knocking frequency is for sure different from that at 81mm bore. How do others account for that?