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  1. OK, if it were a fake cable, you could try 2.10.00. That's the version I always use with the cheap FTDI cables and works fine. VCP and serial to USB converter need to use these drivers.
  2. Same everything, yes. Also reinstalled TP on that PC - no change. Created additional user on my PC to see if it has something to do with my user profile. Also no change. After my vacation I will probably re-install the PC completely anyways and am confident that the issue is gone then. But we'll see.
  3. Thanks, but I have selected the data as you can see. The very same adx works on any other PC, just not this one.
  4. Hi, has anybody had the problem with Tunerpro that it doesn't show any lines in the monitors? ADX works on other PC but on my home PC I can't use the monitors. It just looks like attached. I re-installed TP, no success. All other PCs of mine work. Same OS etc. Also thought it might have to do with the screen resolution or something and lowered it from 2560x1440 to 1920x1080 with no effect.
  5. I also have - as per Piet's recommendation - the ALM after I used the Spartan 2. ALM is faster, Spartan 2 slower. Aziz has quite good AFRs with the Spartan 2, though, so like Piet wrote: "hit and miss". Need to make a new log and upload to show the WBO2 behaviour on my car. There is a new WBO2 controller from AEM. Supposed to be really fast, too.
  6. The wideband mod is really helpful to get a good tune quickly. As long as you have a fast wideband O2 controller and good injector calibration.
  7. Wrong driver version. Use 2.10.00. That is, if you are using the regular ebay FTDI cable.
  8. It's so cheap here because it comes OE on one of those hot hatches you guys don't get.
  9. Well, CUP2 are the more hardcore tire and cost only 3€ more per tire. PSS is also a great tire, maybe a little bit better than the CUP2 in the wet.
  10. Fitted the new summer tires today. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 in 215/45 17 on Volans. KW V3, no spacers. Will it rub? About to find out ;)
  11. Maybe we can keep this thread free of such messages and focus on the topic instead... ;) I have done a little testing with the extended map bins and they are really promising. I personally benefit a lot from the higher resolution, especially of the load setpoint map. My turbo can generate a load of ~8 at 2500 rpm and ~11 at 3000 rpm. In the regular bins the 2500 and 3000 rpm cell follow each other directly. In the extended bin I can put in an intermediate step to control the boost onset a bit better. Currently I have to solve some mechanical issues and then will continue testing.
  12. Same here. What I did in this case (wanted to keep immo) is to modify the stock 612 bin (was a 612 car also) instead of using the logging/non-immo bin. Of course this only works if you don't need logging.
  13. Should be 612, if it's from a manual. Is also in the Motronic Suite bin collection.
  14. You have to connect via obd (vagcom cable). With realterm you make sure the ecu is in the correct mode for diagnostics.
  15. They go to the TPS and idle control valve. Installation is plug and play. All you need to find is a 12V source, so ignition coil or so. There is some adjustments you need to do at the device but Maarten includes a good manual with it.
  16. Have you adjusted your wastegate rod? What happens if you shorten the stroke a bit? Helped with my turbo over my default setting.
  17. Looks like my idle is much better with a properly cleaned idle control valve. Drove a bit yesterday night, it was slightly damp outside. Traction in 5th could be better :D. Still good fun, though. Have not found the log that contained the lean spot during idle. Need to look through all my files from that day. Quite a few ;)
  18. Yeah, I can upload another picture. First I need to fix 2 problems: 1) clean idle control valve. keep having 2000 rpm idle sometimes with cold engine. Will do that tonight 2) fix TPS. I sometimes have 0 tps at idle, sometimes idle is a TPS value of 11% or more. Full throttle would then be 105%. Cleaned the connectors with no success. Ordered a new BOSCH TPS to see if that fixes it. The Spartan is in the DP before the cat. MAP sensors are underway from Hongkong. I believe these are the same that you recommended somewhere. Sorry if my memory is wrong, though ;). Interesting theory regarding the sparkplugs. Might try that as well when the points 1) and 2) don't help. Their gap is as they came out of the box. Plugs are Bosch, the ones Hussein recommended somewhere.
  19. Attached a screenshot of a lean spot during warmup which I can't explain. Air mass stays constant and so does ignition time and rpm. But the AFR/Lambda value significantly is off. I am using the Spartan 2 as wideband, hooked up to the tank pressure pins directly in the ECU. Question would be: is my AFR really wrong or is it just a measurement problem as the Spartan maybe is not heated up fully or so? If the measurement is correct, then it might become difficult to find the root cause. Looks like some air gets in after the MAF. I checked for leaks but didn't find anything. And it's fine when the car is warm, too. Strange.
  20. I have a strange problem with cold idle. Warm idle no problem at all. Motor runs boggy, I see some white ish smoke and it runs lean. First I thought my injector calibration etc. might be off but it runs fine when warm. I have not touched any warmup maps, coolant temp when this behavior is showing is 15 degrees C (because I started it before briefly), outside temp is 5 degrees C. Here is the log:
  21. Glad it helped. Although I am suprised it works just like that. When Martijn and I calibrated his, we at a point were at a quite wrong value for the constant and the car ran fine.That was at 20 deg C, though.Suggest that you perform a proper calibration like Piet said to have spot-on values.