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  1. That's what I calculated: 315cc/min / 750cc/min = 0.42. I have to admit that I am running closed loop lambda from the first start and it seems to work quite well. I will calibrate the injectors to have the perfect values but this is already very good. Car runs absolutely fine like that. You can have a log if you are interested.
  2. I have Bosch 750cc from FiveO Motorsports (which are not the same as yours) and my injector configuration is like this: Constant: 0.4219 Dead times: 4.9725 4.4070 3.2565 2.2035 1.8330 1.6185 1.3650 1.2870 1.2090 1.1310 1.0530 0.9945 0.9360 0.8775 0.8385 0.7215
  3. Better race it in a real simulation like Iracing or Assetto Corsa then ;). I live only 2h from Spa but have never been unfortunately. Maybe because it always rains there :D
  4. Düsseldorf ;). If you want to try with another M4.4 ECU we can probably do that ;).
  5. Partyboy, where in Germany are you from? If you had default 12V on B8, your car would do this regardless of what ECU is in it.
  6. Martijn and I tried to tune his GTX3071r using the TCV and Target load set point. Not sure if this has been elaborated here before, but is it right to assume, the control algorithm to achieve the desired load is a PID controller? P-part is in the XDF, but what about the I-part and D-part. I am aware that M4.4 does not control boost but air mass, but we would like to be able to play with the PID parameters, if possible. How did others approach this? Another maybe worthwhile information which is actually pretty clear and probably has been discussed, but as a warning when you use a too small MAF: Load is a calculated value mainly based on MAF voltage, rpm and injector constant. If the MAF is maxed out, voltage stays constant, injector constant is obviously also constant but if RPM raises, load decreases because RPM is in the denominator of the formula. If you are now requesting say a load of 11 in the Target Load Setpoint map but the calculated load is 10, the ECU will raise TCV duty cycle and try to achieve the requested load while at the same point the calculated load is dropping even more because RPM is raising. This can lead to 100% duty cycle and extremely high boost by the turbo. This is not such a big problem when using wideband lambda control because the risk of lean combustion is a bit lower, however if your timing map is too aggressive you could run into a detonation situation. Not good. So: make sure your MAF is big enough and you won't max it out easily! Saves you a lot of potential trouble.
  7. It moves... Do you have a chance to measure the acceleration with a Racelogic vbox, Driftbox, Performance box? 60-130?
  8. Sure, helps tuning a lot ;). I can offer you a place to stay as a "road tuning base" with great access to good motorways ;). From our new place we have 3 great motorways within 10min of driving
  9. Maybe I have a German view on it. Our cars see a significantly higher load collective due to our (few remaining) limit-free motorways. So, for us a car with twice the original power output reaching more than say 50000km with a certain setup is quite uncommon. Of course, there are cars which last longer than that, but that would be the exception.
  10. Is it just me who thinks that 40k miles or 60k km on a build like that which went through a lot of tuning iterations and certainly some level of abuse is actually quite OK?
  11. Congratulations on the car! As for the powertrain, I drove a number of vehicles with VEA engines, diesel and petrol and I second your statement about their efficiency. Especially nice with the new 8 speed auto. My favourite package was the V40 D4 automatic which pulls very nicely from 1200 rpm to 4500 rpm. Really nice overall package if you are looking for a comfortable daily driver. My "dynamic" choice would be the T5 with polestar and 8 speed, though ;).
  12. It doesnt really make a difference as we lack a proper way of measuring HP precisely enough to differentiate between bhp and US hp. And then there are different ways of correcting values like DIN, SAE or EEC. WHP and crank HP are significantly different.
  13. I personally like the V40 better but the "sportiest" P1x which I drove was a C30 D5 with Volvo lowering springs. Your car will have the steering gear with 75mm rack travel which means the turning radius will be quite big. There is something you can do about it though with different travel limiters and software change if you don't mind a little rubbing.
  14. Sorry, V40 will not come to the US. It is a good car, though. Especially with the new VEA engines. It is Volvo's last product on the Ford C1 platform. The new compact Volvos will be based on the Volvo Geely CMA platform and there might be variants for the US as well.
  15. Thanks for the documentation about your heater elbow modifications. I have to do the same as my EFR 7064 compressor housing is also very close to the elbows and the lower one doesn't fit anymore in stock shape.
  16. Yeah, with avoidable I meant something like: first ever lap, high ambitions, lack of talent and crash in Brünnchen ;). This is clearly not the case here.
  17. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a "race" rental, doesn't it? But unfortunately there are reasons for the high deposits given the large amount of idiotic and avoidable accidents sometimes. Sorry for Emiel.
  18. My bad. If you are on WG pressure, the TCV doesn't do much ;).
  19. Good to read! I see at least 2 areas where this can go wrong: 1) What is the bypass valve connected to? Intake manifold vacuum? 2) the built-in TCV. Maybe worth trying a regular one. Maybe the frequency the M4.4 sends is too high or low. Just guessing, though
  20. Yes, put needles in left and right and pull the cable.
  21. Maybe you can get your hands on a Racelogic Performance Box or Drift Box. This would be really interesting...
  22. Getting pins out is one thing. Getting new ones in is the interesting part. Does anyone know if there are some standard pins that could be pushed into the connectors?
  23. I'd like to report that I now have a defloater in my second 850 T5M. It is a huge improvement in driveability, makes the car feel more modern and fast shifts are now smooth as they should be. I have it on the fastest setting and it is spot on. Very clean installation as well! Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference.