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  1. That reminds me that I still haven't received mine and the seller is not responding mails and stuff...
  2. That's great. Maybe in time for when my build is finished so I don't have to buy any Zeitronix or other displays for AFR, EGT etc.
  3. I use pretty much the default 0.9063 or so for the whites. If your LTFT is positive that means the injector constant is too low. You have to increase it.
  4. Took the liberty to add something additional which helps in testing a hypothesis .
  5. Thanks! Tested the tool and it works fine! No I have to solder again
  6. In that case, I am pretty certain, that with "Tester" they mean the test equipment.
  7. I really like the first S80. Good luck with your project. I might buy one as well as a daily.
  8. Open angle for output (conversion: tooth, 6 degrees) Closing angle output ("") Closing angle zwon?? 0.75 degrees crankshaft
  9. See this document, I uploaded it again to my dropbox:
  10. Nono, you are right. US gas, especially California, is rubbish. What we have as 95 octane usually has 5% ethanol content but you can also buy E10 with 10%. Do you have that in Romania as well? Please try a little bit better fuel as I suggested previously to see if your issue is affected by that. You will probably not have to richen it up so much then and save some fuel then. In terms of compression: You have to look at your effective compression ratio which is something like that: (Atmospheric pressure + turbo gauge pressure) x static compression ratio So, to simplify let's assume we have 1 bar of atmospheric pressure. Effective CR = (1 bar + 1.1 bar) x 9 = 18.9 bar (at 1.1 bar turbo pressure) Now, take a low compression engine: Effective CR = (1 bar + 1.1 bar) x 8.5 = 17.85 bar And lastly let's find out how much boost you can run on a low compression engine to reach the same effective CR: ( Effective CR / 8.5 -1) = 1.22 bar Not sure how this translates into reality since it is oversimplifying things, but what it means is that with 1.1 bar on a LPT you should have a similar octane requirement as a HPT with about 1.2 bar.
  11. I have ordered it and should have it early March and try it out on my second 850 T5 which I just bought to mess around with.
  12. That's a great mod to get rid of the biggest annoyance on these P80 cars with the old throttle body design. I guess I need one ;)
  13. Really nice dyno graph. Do you have some more info on the turbo? Seems like a very good match for the engine.
  14. Right, mine are 0.919ms so they should be just fine. Price was also quite OK. But then the current Euro / USD exchange rate f*cked me
  15. It doesn't matter at all. As long as it's a M4.4 ECU But let me ask you this: are you sure the last digits are really 460? Because most 4.4 ECUs also have the 460 in their part number like such: 0261204607 or 0261204608. Maybe the last digit of the 10 digit Bosch part number is just not readable or so?
  16. Let me guess, fiveomotorsports? I have the same here for my build and have all the data of them. Sorry for the bad picture, can make a better one tomorrow.
  17. Thanks Piet for the confirmation. This keeps things simple for me.
  18. Basic question regarding A/C control: If I swap to a RN engine in my 850, I keep the A/C modification in the ECU, right? Not sure if to use the old A/C compressor or a RN one. Or is it just a question of the ECC control module and the compressor doesn't matter in that context? Thanks Christoph
  19. I am using the following FTDI driver: Date: 27.01.2014 Version: Windows 7.