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  1. Thanks for your reply. I used the venderbroeck adx file (i guess, if it's the rev5.adx) and tried realterm as well. but realterm was sending strange symbols instead of clear letters. My main problem now is that I can't use obd diagnostics at all, eg. brick diag or VOL FCR. They can't connect to the ECU. My old 4.3 ECU works perfectly though.
  2. Hi, thanks to the great information on here I was able to get the right M4.4 ECU, did the 850 A/C mod, flashed 608 rev5b on it etc, all working great. I tried logging as well and it didn't work with the rev5_test.adx, which was the wrong one anyway which I found out . Since it didn't work, I tried realterm and tried sending the commands to the ECU but it was just sending strange symbols and also showing errors. Ever since I tried that, I can't access the ECU via diagnose anymore which I could before (I use brickdiag). I even can't diagnose any of the other ECUs in the car. If I put in my old 4.3, everything works normal so cable configuration etc. is not an issue. I flashed the 608_rev5b.bin back on but that didn't make a difference. I am flashing on the bench which works good for me. However, I might have connected the cables wrong at some point (ECU upside down). Not sure if this damaged something. Any ideas? Thanks Christoph
  3. Sure, I understood your point. I believe this is the wikipedia text. However, I found this: Whatever, just speculation. I have to open the ECU box and have a look.
  4. I have to check my ECU number. I am not so sure the Euro R already has M4.4. Anyways, I want to use a spare M4.4 in order to keep the original ECU as fall-back solution.
  5. Hi there, I have been reading through this thread quite a bit and bought a M4.4 from a Turbo vehicle. I own a Euro 850R MY97 build December 1996. This car has an immobilizer. And A/C but this will be taken care of using the instructions in the wiki. What bin do I have to flash onto the M4.4 in order to use it in my car? I would like to start datalogging first before I change any of the tuning parameters. Thanks Chris