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  1. I believe the "Delta" part refers to engine cycle, so KFDWWEAC is (if I haven't had a total brainfart) a smoothing-map. It states the maximum allowed change in timing while AC is on.
  2. Having the same "problem" on mine. It can run perfectly at idle and suddenly do a "fart".
  3. Just an opinion, for a daily driver that is supposed to have good mileage, I would actually go with the B5252S. My old '94 850 did 6l/100km mixed driving (39.2mpg). These engines make a hell of a lot of torque in the lower register and could be improved with some mods. These are the ratios for the EA31 if you'd like to compare. Ratios: M66EA31 First: 3.750:1 Second: 1.905:1 Third: 1.194:1 Fourth: 0.838:1 Fifth: 0.652:1 Sixth: 0.540:1 Reverse: 3.397:1 Rev. final 4.941:1 Final: 4.00:1
  4. Piet, I just read your thread on the dutch forum. Did you post anything about your meth control in this thread or care to elaborate a bit?
  5. Good luck finding a highway in Norway. What I've found is that mileage suffers greatly as soon as you pass 80kph (50mph) or 2000 rpm.
  6. Average speed was 70kph with two kids. a suitcase and a few bottles of pop . Think I was out of fifth gear four times during the trip. LPT|s has lots of low end torque
  7. 40 mpg is definitely doable, I did 36 in my stock '98 awd during a 200km round trip, but those does of course rise dramatically during city driving. I do however have a sneaking suspicion that many people suffer from "excessive right foot gravitational pull"-syndrome as I was usually at around 33 mpg. Those numbers are long gone I'm afraid after installing greens and a 16t on a far from perfected tune, but I'll get there eventually Edit: I'm going the same route btw. I have a B5254T2 that is getting paired with an M66EA31. The fun thing is with my 235/35-19's it has a theoretical top speed of 445 kph (276mph) I really laughed out loud when calculating it...
  8. Here's a link to a set that will work on most european cars for removal from the sockets. Those industrial pins are a pain to remove without as you said, but maybe new ones with the correct crimping tools?
  9. I've kind of lost track of what is in the latest bin. A list of features on release would be great
  10. Wow, you two are productive! Can't wait to see what else is in store!
  11. This is so cool! Are you planning to sell these? I always hated having no engine brake.
  12. Pics for NEU: The kit is a INOX Variant 2 Coilover kit (KW part number 15267004), it is height and rebound adjustable Hussein: That's the exact reason I got it, that and better mileage. I drive about 1000 miles per month. My car is a manual already, so I thought the easiest way would be to modify the cable attachment/fork.
  13. Small update: Still waiting for most of the parts for the engine rebuild, but I got a new coilover kit today. KW V2's Currently running FWD due to a broken prop shaft. The VC and rear diff is is also going to be replaced. I've also ordered front and rear swaybars with adjustable endlinks.
  14. TTM9 told me the A/C conversion would fry your compressor within 40 miles. I don't have the details why though.
  15. Hi everyone. Almost ready to get started on my rebuild and I've read through a lot of the RN threads on the forum. The transmission is a M66EA31 pulled from an '05 V70 AWD with a D5244T (around 150k miles) and the engine, a B5254T2, was pulled from an '05 S60 (70k miles). The plan is to (hopefully) land at around 400AWHP and I want to keep the 9.0:1 compression ratio as I really like the torque in the lower register on my current engine. I've started disassembly of the engine and I'm waiting for the cam lock tool to be able to continue. This will be a complete build with H-beams/pistons, new bearings/seals etc., NA intake and TB Haven't decided on turbo yet, but probably a garret of some kind(need advice). I'm looking for some info on the gear ratios of the EA31 as I don't have vida yet. Google left me with nothing. Advice on SM flywheel, clutch and PP would also be greatly appreciated. Edit: Found the info I needed in this thread: Ratios: M58L M66EA31 First: 3.38:1 3.750:1 Second: 1.90:1 1.905:1 Third: 1.19:1 1.194:1 Fourth: 0.87:1 0.838:1 Fifth: 0.70:1 0.652:1 Sixth: -------- 0.540:1 Reverse: 3.30:1 3.397:1 Rev. final -------- 4.941:1 Final: 4.00:1 4.00:1 I hope my english isn't too bad as it isn't my native tongue... Some pics: B5254T2 Compression test done by the JY, not sure if I'm to trust it... M66EA31 M66 Sticker *reserved*
  16. Thanks for the clarification. Guess I had it all wrong then. But when the piston is in its rear position (as it would be if disconnected?) the oil goes straight to the return terminal right? This means there would be no adjustment happening (no pressure to the adjustment mechanism). Would the cams still wander like some claim? Wouldn't it default to whatever you set the cam to, let's say +3' without moving on it's own?
  17. I thought what determined the speed of adjustment is rpm and oil pressure, and that the duty cycle advanced and retarded the cam. Found some info here on the function of the cvvt system: And then there's the quote from Lucky:
  18. In Piet we trust I'm about to get started on an arduino project soon to see if I can make a standalone controller for vvt, do you think the ecu would get confused by it? Tried searching for it, but couldn't find anything other than people claiming it wouldn't be. Read something about launch control and flat foot shifting earlier. Is this something that's still implemented or was it abandoned?
  19. I think I understand the math, but without knowing what f is I'm not sure how to apply it. But it shouldn't throw off anything. But this could in theory be used to drive the CVVT cams as well. It is afterall just a 3d map where the axis are load/rpm/degrees (two needed for dual vvt I guess). I wouldn't know the first thing about how to implement it into the ecu though.
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Spartan Lambda sensor has the controller built in right?
  21. Easy, tinkering and making stuff for your car is good fun!