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  1. Alrighty. So in tuner pro witch category do you use to up the max psi from 8-9 psi to lets say 14-15 psi? I installed my whites and im running a 15G tell i pick my 16t up tomorrow.
  2. I do not know but i re did all this on my xp Lap top and everything went smooth I flashed the file off the m44 wiki noticed a little difference. Now to try to find a rspec .bin and toy with it a little. Anyone has a good link i can download motronic suite so i can get a hold of more bins? All the ones i found was out of date
  3. what i see
  4. Tried to change it to port 1 and no go. This is the error im getting
  5. As soon as my wife gets done hogging it ill look into that
  6. well need a little help. Tried to set it up and it says "the port 'com1' does not exist. so it times out on erasing. and I also cant find the Acquisition menu. Anyone other than me have this issue?
  7. I just got my cord today. Waiting for my laptop to come back from HP so i can start trying to tune.
  8. cleven1