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  1. A couple years ago, someone who knows far more about audio equipment than I do told me that the SC-900/901 were designed for tape and that I should buy some cassette tapes. My memories of the sound quality from tape growing up in the 90 and 00s were pretty bad so I didn't really take it that seriously. Well about a month ago I was surfing ebay and decided I was gonna buy a tape and ended up with that Flecktones album on the right. I'm up to about 10 now lol. If you have a 901 and aren't using the tape deck, you're missing out. I guess we must have never had a decent tape deck w
  2. My personal laptop doesn't have a VGA port! But, to your point, my company is a bit behind the times in some ways....the home office is on Long Island which is a bit like going in a time machine.
  3. I guess if you got new computers that need all those adapters that starts making more sense. My work laptop still has a VGA port!!
  4. Seems like most TVs don't work out well as computer monitors. We just got huge TVs in the conference rooms at work with the wifi conferencing and all that and they look pretty bad, too (we'd been rocking a single projector we had to move around as needed since we moved into this space in March LOL). I miss the projector; just plug it in and zero lag. It was awesome.
  5. LOL. Actually I think my house was renovated in the mid-80s by someone who had absolutely zero perception of right angles. But I wish that was my biggest problem with the driveway; its proximity to neighbor's dead trees and the fact that it is occasionally below sea level are much larger problems. We've been shopping for a new one for a while, but finding an acceptable driveway in our price range that also comes with an acceptable house and preferably a garage has proven to be quite a challenge when working with a real estate market where a huge portion of the housing was built before
  6. late to the color party because the T-5R and T5 SE were in off site storage till today....but red, yellow AND frost green wins (you can just catch a peek of the red hood in the building where much magic is currently happening)
  7. Yeah I think that is a Steve question At least you are starting with a MY00 which already has a more powerful EMS than MY99.
  8. Good point. Can you control the intake VVT on ME7?
  9. I'd throw it in and then work on the head from the other engine
  10. Europe....if you're seriously interested I can probably hook you up with a group deal on shipping
  11. Yeah, that's what happens when you put a ECE lens on a DOT reflector........you have to swap the glass AND the reflector. Cheaper to just buy a whole Depo ECE housing at that point.
  12. Bought a manual T-5R shift knob and boot. It even came with free parts car
  13. Traded in all the Volvos for a boat! Have a 609 hood that has been flooded with salt water left over if anyone is interested lol. And some S70 heated rear seats (those didn't get flooded).
  14. Bought a beater banjo so I don't have to take my Gibson everywhere anymore. This Zephyr Surplus place on ebay has some killer deals on factory reject instruments right now if anyone's shopping and doesn't mind spending a couple hours setting it up. And then I completely disassembled it LOL. Was absolutely unplayable out of the box.....not enough neck angle, the action was hopelessly high. Luckily banjos are super easy to deal with so I added this shim and was up and running in a half hour.