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  1. Venderbroeck's engine build

    Very interested in progress on this front.. please keep us updated. +1
  2. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    We literally needed anything else that we were ok with driving in salt now that I have a job I have to drive to so the plan for now is make it usable as cheaply as possible. Totally wasn't planning on buying an R for this job but it's a Maine car and it's done 282k+ (broken odometer, need to pull mileage) so it does fit the profile. I'll probably give it to my dad for the winter since he works at home and has the option to avoid driving in actual snowy weather if he doesn't want to so I can keep driving his '99 NA through the winter. Plus the parking lot at work is suuuupeerrrr sketchy so I like taking something with an immobilizer there (seriously I've been there like 3 weeks and already someone's gas almost got siphoned so it's not just scare tactics......can't wait to find a better job, or maybe just a job wit ha better parking lot LOL). So what does it need to be useful? Tires (going to put the Volans with zLine AS from the red R on it for the winter) seriously these things are AWFUL I was following my dad going the same speed as him since the speedo doesn't work and was getting understeer a few times) ABS module Make the speedometer and odometer work Replace a ton of burnt out light bulbs Fix rear suspension (green/yellow springs and Bilstein TCs on the way from FCP) Replace PS pump Fix windshield wipers (they boke 1/3 of the way home in the pouring rain on Tuesday night.....had to pull over and wait for my dad to come back with rainx so we could get it the rest of the way home LOL) Tailgate struts On the plus side, it came with a 2k old timing belt and brand new brakes (seriously the brakes are so new that the handbrake wasn't properly worn in......I had to do a couple 30-0 stops with it on the way home to get it rolling right). But the brakes aren't smooth. Idk if they just need to be bedded or if it's cheap Chinese parts making trouble. I have no idea what is going to happen beyond that. Anybody want to buy it from me in the spring? I'm not sure I want to keep it long term. Could also ship it to Europe in the spring and use it to take a road trip there next summer if I can line up a buyer in Europe (white Rs are extremely rare there).
  3. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Bought it. Not bad for $950.
  4. How Your Car Sits

    You have a factory manual 850R. That's pretty cool. I am jealous of the Cosworth 190E too......what's it like compared to the R? I have one of those in my dream garage but I've never been in one in reality so I'm not sure if it should be in my dream garage lol.
  5. Volvo needs you!

    It does. The redirect isn't quite as scammy as I was expecting (no I didn't click on the link before I found out where it went......) but it seems real odd that Volvo would be using a google form for this. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevS7uRGwMsnS0DTJ8zfzZtyP-n-4HDcRFbZlFJJONtUwO5rQ/viewform Not really sure what they could be phishing for here unless email addresses to send spam to are all they want now and the real scam comes later..........
  6. How Your Car Sits

    Correct. Made in Italy.
  7. How Your Car Sits

    Got the Nebs on the T5 SE yesterday. Looks sick. I think my dad has a cooler car than me now. Not sure what I am going to do about this yet lol. Getting the Öhlins and M66D swap happening in my R seems to be the best solution, though. Washed and waxed all the turbo cars today and then did a photoshoot. The R is done for the year, gonna try to get the T-5R out a couple more times but the weather will have to be perfect since it's tucked away in its building and I'm not washing it again until the spring, so it might be done, too. We'll keep the T5 SE out until the salt hits the streets. Not sure what we are going to do if I still have a job I have to drive to at that point though. Oh had some friends crash the photoshoot too.
  8. How Your Car Sits

    They're going on my dad's T5 SE. The Volans are mine and I bought the zLines on them for my R; they're just on loan to him since the Continental ControlContact Touring AS it came with were scary af and he needed something safe until we found some appropriately special wheels for this car. Not like I'm driving my R much these days so no point in putting decent tires on that. I'm probably going to set up a cool photo shoot this weekend with all the turbo cars and then let it sit on the Perfos from the T5 SE for the winter since I'm about to sell the ControlContact Sport AS that the R came with..........for $60 less than I paid for the zLines LOL.
  9. Off Topic: The Thread

    Sounds like it's time for a new job.
  10. How Your Car Sits

    You got it! Neptunes are 17" though (did you mean Atlantis?).
  11. How Your Car Sits

    Nope, not Atlantis. We'd never be able to run 18s with the condition of the roads around here. They are way cooler than Atlantis, too.
  12. Yeah the car was in an accident. The mounting bracket is bent so I'll throw it in the vice and bend it back. Seller pressure tested it so I'm good there too.
  13. How Your Car Sits

    Guess I'm going to give up on having build threads here since they keep getting locked (wtf?)......but anyway, more progress on my dad's T5 SE this weekend! Painted the bumpers and wing last weekend, sand, polish and install this weekend. Well, we didn't sand/polish the rear yet but we had to put it back on immediately since my dad's DDing this while I'm DDing his '99 (apparently people like to break into cars at my new job so I'm definitely not taking anything nice there ......thank god it's only a temp job and I'll never have to set foot there again after next month!!!). Hopefully he will be picking up his new wheels next weekend so I can have my Volans back .
  14. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Not sure this qualifies since it's for my dad's car but I sanded and polished the front bumper and wing today that my dad and I painted for his T5 SE last week. Hopefully we will get them on this weekend! Need to pull the rear bumper back off at some point to sand and polish that as well. We should have just gotten another one to paint lol.
  15. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Good call not doing the Bilsteins. My T-5R came with HDs and oem green marked springs and I could not get rid of that setup fast enough. The ride was unbearable and there are stress cracks in the paint on one of my shock towers because of them. I've also driven on Koni yellows (with H&R) and found that to be a much better experience. I liked the way it drove but it was still pretty stiff even if MUCH better than the HDs. If the roads around Boston were decent, I'd probably be running some version of Konis if Öhlins weren't an option.