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  1. How Your Car Sits

    Traded in all the Volvos for a boat! Have a 609 hood that has been flooded with salt water left over if anyone is interested lol. And some S70 heated rear seats (those didn't get flooded).
  2. and then y'all wonder why VS is dying lol.
  3. 1995 850 Turbo Sedan Part Out.

    LAST CALL! Final trip to the parts car is tomorrow!
  4. 1995 850 Turbo Sedan Part Out.

    They look pretty new but I don't know what brand they are. They also might already be spoken for. I'll let you know.
  5. let me know what you guys need.
  6. 850r subframe damage

    +1. No reason to pull the engine for this unless you think it's worth pulling the engine for some other unrelated engine. You wouldn't save yourself any work since the subframe will have to be detached from the engine/trans no matter what. Engine support bar, then pick up the front of the car however you want to do it without using the subframe mounting points as your jack points.
  7. 850 sedan rear wing in 189 Polar White. Paint is toast. This is the version that has the brake light. $90. (pictures coming tomorrow)
  8. S70 Rear Wing

  9. S70 Rear Wing

    443 Moondust Metallic paint is in great shape; no signs of clearcoat failure and no scratches worth noting. $130
  10. $300. Includes the wiring harnesses and relays. I will dust them off and take better pictures once the weather improves if they don't sell before then. BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALL WILL BE CURIOUS.....it came from a black MY98 S70 GLT spec'd out exactly the same as the Boston Coach MY99 V70 GLTs. I wonder if it was a test car for Boston Coach.