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  1. man i would be there, but i am going to be in chile.....ill make another
  2. Thats an going naked is not allowed i will it violates the schools right for a decent dress code im not saying everything should be put in place and everything allowed...thats absurd it does not materially and substantially disrupt the school day...therefore it should be allowed i took it to my argumentation and debate teacher and my you and the law teacher for clarification and said since spirit week (showing class pride) is technically a school event...not the normal school day (although attendance is required and it is a commpletely school day just wearing different clothing) that the hazelwood case would apply saying that the school is allowed to use any sort of censorship at the descretion of the principle... kind of a bogus thing that could be argued both ways....anyway...the point is that i wasnt like "I KNOW MY RIGHTS I CAN DO ANYTHING" i thought that it was a legitimate battle to be fought and that it should be surfaced anyway....that kind of expression IS protected...but is easily disputed by both sides. im not asking to do wahtever i simply requesting my rights and the clarification if i was wrong....
  3. wait are you kidding me?! freedom of expression is granted within the 1st amendment 1st amendment doesnt stop at freedom of speech, or religion it protects non vocal freedom of if you are a textualist to the constitution..then you would still believe in this right Sit-Ins were nonvocal means of speech that were interpreted later as freedom of speech which has been called freedom of expression...just to let you know have you read the 1st amendment recently? haha im not actually mad...its right in there and there are 2 precident cases tinker v. des moine and hazlewood v. (i forget which state) school district
  4. the way it went was that we werent trying to piss off the school... at first we wanted our own class tshirts to wear on that day and approached a teacher that had made tshirts for my band...they turned out very well and hes nice to deal with (not to mention cheap) that is why we used him we then took orders from kids that wanted the tshirts because we thought that there were other kids that didnt like the class tshirts that could be a part of it everyone liked them so much we had somewhere over 80 orders (which is probably like a little over a quarter of my class or about a quarter) even our class officers had orders in someone tipped off one of the teachers and the next day they said we couldnt wear them.....and from there is all written above thats what happened and its over now...i met with the principle to let him know why we did it and that we werent merely trying to piss them off but believed it was our right to have and taht it did not interfere with the schooling process
  5. well i just found this feature, or actually took the time to do so recently its been weird for me having a car and wanting to mod it it is a constant battle between my dad and me most of which is silent because his view is that it should run well and to save money as always i am saving money, and i know that before he was 25 he had over 5 cars, so he cant really protest to wanting to do something to a car anyway, i still dont even have enough cash anyway since $500 was stolen from me i didnt know it at the time, but i could have spent that on an EST RIP kit or a crapload of used stage 0 parts that would get me started, maybe a wing or something but its just a pain since my car was crushed by a tree my $180 6x9 speakers are shot and thats another hit im thinking of a nice sub and enclosesure for christmas (for any of you that didnt know im 17) my christmas list being EST Ultra-Flo Air Intake System Clear Corners (hella) from vptuning 3pod a-pillar simple green engine cleaner armorall wipes membership to Volvo Club of America maybe a sub and enclosure subsituted for something in there my life itself im dissapointed with the end of my Cross Country Season i only ran varsity 2 races but i still ran a personal best of 17:46 for a 5k time and will train for over 1k miles preseason to be #1 next year but its still dissapointing i am happy though because i did get a principle role in my schools musical and the musical this year is seussical the musical, and itll be interesting its a good excuse to hang out on weeknights during full cast rehersals anyway, life is life right now and its funny how my girlfriend knows VS in all of its forms and how engulfed ive been northeast needs to get it together to somehow try and overcome NWC (any philly area meets?)
  6. well i wore my we pwn n00bz tshirt today i got sent to the office and they asked me what it meant and al that and they explained why i couldnt wear it and they said it was because it is insinuating that "we own freshman" which is slavery and they said that since it could be taken that way that it is disruptive to the school then the teacher noticed my tshirt underneath that said "if you can read this, the administration revoked my right to free expression" and on the back had supreme court cases THAT DO APPLY and are still the precendent (spelling?) anyway he met with 2 officers, both assistant principles, the principle and a member of the board of ed after reading the white tshirt then he came in and told me to wear this shirt and threw it at me and closed the door i took off my we pwn noobz shirt and put on the shirt they gave me and put my homemade rights tshirt in my backpack when he came in, took BOTH tshirts and put them in a drawer, i told him he couldnt take my white tshirt and told me to get out of his office then i asked when i would get it back and they said after school i went after school and they refused to give them back i will be meeting with the principle on monday to discuss better ways to inform students of WHY they are saying that and about the white tshirt incident i also at one point asked what my punishment would be if i wore it reguardless and they walked out of the room without telling me when they told anyone else that came into the office what their options were, and it was wear the tshirt and lose homecoming or surrender and nothing happens so it was pretty I'm dumb but i will be talking to the principle (and im not doing this just to do it, i believe stuff like this shouldnt happen in the future) you might get a kick out of this....the admin is PISSED because they just found out what the homemade senior shirts last year said "Seniors '05, were gunna shock the world" and on the back it showed a hand in the "shocker" position
  7. actually in the supreme court ruling of Tink v. Des Moines School Dist. the ruling was that if the expression is passive, non offensive, and doesnt obstruct the learning process, we have full freedom i didnt think that there was a federal case for this at first, but someone mentioned black arm bands in the 60s supporting the men who came back from the war in fact, our handbook QUOTES Justice Fortas in his speach for the opinion of the court they are only representatives as parents in cases of danger and of searches, no parent has the right ot take away the freedom of expression, and it is a freedom of expression, not speach...that i want to make clear
  8. every year before hte homecoming football game and the homecoming dance, a "spirit week" ensues during this week there are different themes for the day and you can choose to dress accordingly to get points and to hopefully win spirit week for the sake of bragging rights on friday, we all wear our class tshirts which are made and printed by the Student Association The slogans are always terrible and about 1/4 of my grade doesnt get the tshirts we had a great idea of making our own that say "We pwn n00bz" and on the back say "Junior '07" which would mimick our class tshirts we collected money from 70 people and sent our shirts to get ordered (from the shop teacher in the school who happens to have an OUTSIDE business) teachers got word and they talked to my friend who was in charge of it all they told him to cancel the orders and that if they didnt everyone who wore one wasnt allowed into the pep rally during our friday school day he said "well were doing it anyway" then the school board got word and "spoke" with the teacher that was printing the shirts for us, magically he couldnt do it anymore hes not even sure if he can refund our money so now, the day before friday, they say that anyone wearing the tshirt AT ALL will be suspended and my friend will be suspended for the sum of everyone who wears a tshirt ive looked in out student parent handbook, researched the district file codes, and supreme court cases and have found that they in fact CANNOT suspend us for wearing these tshirts in school, and if they dont want us to wear them at the pep rally they must first warn us ON THE OCCASION OF THE OFFENSE if they request i take off my shirt in the pep rally, i will have a tshirt underneath stating my rights to wear the shirt i had on and that the administration force me to remove it they cant do anything because the other shirt i made will comply strictly with every rule if you dont know what we pwn n00bz means, it is in no way outwardly offensive or insinuating anything anyone agree with my position?