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  1. Carlisle is set and in my calendar so yes for that one, noodles? And i've got a pretty light summer wedding wise at the moment. So I'm hoping that euro meet will also be good to go as well!
  2. Understandable! And they do like to break, but when you manual swap the car you loose some support under the center of the dash (unless you worked to rig something up to replaced the cut away portions. So while it didn't make a noise at all when I had it more stock, the shifter placement resulted in the breakage. However having done that repair shown it's been solid (since whenever that was) Thanks for reading through it too! I need to fix and update some pictures.
  3. A fine question. I don't think they fit my needs. a) Forever with the back spring rate changes and I can't seem to find a height that I like while being able to carry a decent weight. The cars for fun and family after all. 325,450,600,700,600 and I still can't find the right balance (could just need more trial and error) I think I only have had proper bumps tops in since the first set of 600s b) the larger turbo means more heat, more heat means more stress on those front canisters. Even though I do see them stay within the sub 200F range that they need to be, having just spent 4-6 weeks this summer without the car due to having them re-sealed (again) I think that they are not really applicable to this car anymore. b.ii) If I wanted I could move the canisters somewhere off the strut bar, but that means they are not less visible and less cool, there's certainly a cool factor that I enjoy about these things. b.iii) I did have a company lined up would were going to make shorter top lines for these, however after wating 10 months to go ahead with it, they were no longer able to do it for me. c) Ohlins USA is plenty nice and capable, but there's the ever growing question of - "How long will parts really be available for something this old?" d) KW is making me a set of v2 bodies with v3 valving and other internals, these will even let me change spring rates later on by building in enough adjustment to do so. d.ii) I would presume parts are much more readily available if needed for these. Plus they are stainless coated and all their other crazy things so it seems like a good fit for my area.. e) to anyone reading this thinking of buying my Ohlins in a few months time, please ignore it all and pay top dollar. The kit is in great condition for its age (I know that's a trope) the fronts are re done, the backs are solid and have larger hoses fitted. It comes with all the parts sans strut bar. So now seems like the right time to sell to someone with another car that is used more for pleasure and wants a super unique volvo set of parts. That was fun to explain 😁
  4. Silver and purple things coming soon to the wagonbae :D
  5. rats, linking from google photos is probably not a great move then.
  6. This method worked well for me. Mine didn't crack until I did the m66 swap and removed the center support of the dash (imagine that) Worth the time to be able to hear the other potential squeaks now!
  7. I agree it's a pain to say the least. Time or money right? Do I toil away at this? Or pay someone else to do it!?
  8. Drain and fill from the output line on the transmission is nice in that it pumps it out for you. sadly filling is LAME and tedious. Do really keep track of fluid in / out. Exchanged the stuff on my newer xc70 and it wouldn't move in the cold cold until it got warm. That darn fluid level.... If it wasn't the kitchen scale - next time I would consider weighing all the fluid I took out and making sure I added that much (at least) going back in.
  9. Fine time at Carlisle this year. Here it is not having the bumper and rear tires removed to be trailered home Also - Further wire clean up and re wrap with the DEI sleeve kit. I've found that the yellow p2 circular mount works well to balance NVH and style points for the top mount.
  10. Some minor bits updates. Trying to stop the exhaust flex noise, made an attempt with stiffer upper engine mounts (torque rod mounts I know) still present though. Sends some more NVH into the cabin but perhaps worth running for a little bit. I changed the bulkhead one to a 2000 style larger mount after buying the larger Powerflex version without knowing it. Also went with the black race front mount purely because it's black and not purple which would have been a bit strange. Maybe Ill get over that though sad😁 https://photos.app.goo.gl/VDg8XhBv3nCJphfk9 I also went back to the OEM CBV for the EFR turbo. Wanted to see if that would change the impact of building boost. Not really any noticeable changes. Everything feels more powerful jumping from the p2 cars back into this. Next improvement will be maybe making more of the intake out of metal so i can regain some intake noise. Right now a lot of it is dampened I think by the silicone couplers. They also don't fit just as perfect as you might want so the airbox can rattle at the right engine speed. After that would be re covering the visible engine harness wires in some better sleeves. Currently they are covered in coroplast tape, great stuff but something else would be more attractive. Thinking of de pinning the coil leads and doing it that way versus slip over stuff. Could be fun Still can't remember how to properly insert the photos either. Did some nice wrinkle coat on the mounts and engine lift point as well. Came out nice! The silver spray paint was starting to show it's age.
  11. lol the moment I skipped to he jumps into the other car. NICE
  12. RATS! So my neighbors never seem to pickup their dog poop, and I know it's not a 100% cause for them being around. But in the garage, in what I presumed to be a relatively safe space, RATS. I saw one of these marks years ago thinking, ok something hit the car, after a wash yesterday 5 seperate marks with I would say 2 different bite sizes on the hood. Next 1-2 years I think the whole car might get sprayed again, if not that then the front clip and roof for sure. Looks like a cover is in order for when it's inside.
  13. Fuggin a bro. At first i'm like, did the new welds break??
  14. Pro tip for a loved xc70. Get some s60 sport seats. What a difference to everyday use!