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  1. If that doesn't lend to a broad interpretation I don't know what does!
  2. grabbed a p2 single pod bezel and boost gauge for the xc70, little something extra to look at in there - [url=https://imgur.com/55TMoLh][img]http://i.imgur.com/55TMoLhh.jpg[/img][/url] [img]https://i.imgur.com/55TMoLhh.jpg[/img]
  3. Glad to see all this crafting happening indoors vs on the cold cold driveway. Carlisle might happen in May let's see!
  4. I think we did yes! My friend Matt was a little aghast at my choice to keep that from a wagon he was parting out, but I knew it would work out at some point. Next time I will drain it out and refill no doubt, I think I did it this way to start as a way to check how much, if any, was continuing to leak out of the passenger side axle. Looked at the special tool and thought Maybe a 24mm box wrench could be heated and bent to the right shape for that. Probably not. And thank you! This was for sure the right material for the job and I think it's probably more form fitting then an oem on
  5. So after taking apart the side mount to get to the official fill plug I see the gearbox had only lost a small amount of fluid, the level was still at the axle line meaning there wasn't a constant leak. Topped it up to be sure. Killed what looks like some kind of metal beast (p2 exhaust tunnel heat shielding) to make a new cover for the Japanifold Flawless! Needed the extra later on there as when I was using the torch to clean off some foam padding I melted through this layer. Looks kind of like it should be here? Additionally
  6. Cant see how else it could happen, CV is pretty straight by the time its that deep in the car. Cant be not inserted enough either as it is locked in at the bearing holder. Said he wiped away what he could from in there, residual is possible. I need to pickup a touch more redline fluid maybe that will be the trip to test this out further.
  7. That inner seal is changed! Isn't that more of a dust one anyways at this side? I think against the transmission deep in there is the more imperative one. I believe so yes, he said to check it and come back. Need to give it another drive around now that it's cleaned up. Doesn't that left side look like it isn't touching? its cut for the t3 on the turbo. compared to the R manifold on there now this is more free flowing a should bring back the burble
  8. Never ever ends huh! had my dude change out the o ring being the outer crown nut and now the transmission fluids coming out of the inner seal it seems Wanted to spend the time (limited as it is) putting the new Japanifold on the car
  9. Old seal to help with new seal is a solid idea! What an effort made here wow!
  10. Shows the ever maturing crowd of VS picking up fine looking newer cars!
  11. Nice read! Thank you. Best of luck on the closed deck.
  12. Did that same mount recently as well. Should have done it to start 4 years ago with the manual swap. Downshifts are much much smoother.
  13. insert gif of someone saying "totally tubular!" while also flashing the hang-loose sign.
  14. There's some kinda wolf standing in the driveway there. Headlight came out nice though. Best one i've used is from sylvania, still only lasted a few months before developing a less clear yellow tint.
  15. So Will (scottishbrick) did some loose measurements last week and the ports out into the collector are 34% bigger and the outside collector dimension is 27% larger in the X dimension. The thinking is also the Japanifold is 2-2-1 design, the R manifold is 3-1-1. The biggest leap on the whole discussion was the R manifold being a cost saving measure as the JP is 14lbs 4 ounces. the R is 12lbs 14 ounces. Idk time will tell if it's worth anything more then sound!