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  1. Swapped out the very tattered turbo blanket with an updated version and got a new IWG that has a pivot to it. Turbo smart Gen V adds a pivot joint. I think it builds boost better now, the angle the old IWG rod had was scoring the brass seal on the bottom and seemed to be an issue. Actuation is much better now as well.
  2. Should weigh that thing again I'm pretty sure the one I had was almost 100lbs haha. You're just getting stronger
  3. Wishing everyone well this morning - Stay safe and stay healthy!
  4. So sweet! Did you really find just 1 unpined wire? Kind of nice to have such a smoking gun in this case.
  5. Small small dent but one that I always saw when getting in the car. Especially with the motion detected lighting in the garage always perfectly lighting it up. PDR guy did a great job.
  6. Not the first one to use that form !! 😂
  7. Just trying to avoid archiving, there are dozens of us here, DOZENS!
  8. Thankfully the cars are setup with diagonal circuits so you do still get stopping power when a line is broken.
  9. Moved to jewels this year. Big difference for sure.
  10. I think Kodak is Gothic? This is Art Deco baby! Buffalo NY City Hall.
  11. I am speed! ___ Love these two pictures I got this past weekend
  12. have to balance the cost to rebuild with the enjoyment factor of seeing them though 🙂 Was also thinking more on this and It's certainly interesting to debate. But my recent thoughts were, these are all probably made in a similar way right? N2 + some oil + magic? How do these fair then on a big sexy beast like this?
  13. Fill from the bottom drain from the top!
  14. Not the first person to bring this up. Talking with Ohlins USA "I don’t really know of a max temperature, you would prefer to keep them as cool as possible. I would say just from my track experience to have the best performance keep them around 150 to 200 would be optimum. " Drivers side could be easily moved, the passenger side is harder to re-position though. If you figure out a spot to place them I'd give it a shot. I used the temp stickers and determined they reach about 180 in there after a long drive.