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  1. I am drunk...very much. I'm making popcorn right now!!! I pulled the motor from my car earlier...I earned this
  2. I can imagine. I know if I was there, I would've had way more excitement than acceptable over a picture of a carcass
  3. I poking love that you took a picture of the bit in the middle of him!
  4. I'm so glad I've got a whole year to get my car up and running! I was planning on coming this year, but my transmission and family had other plans. Count me in 2017!
  5. What's the story on the two black ones? Are they ones with the on/off switch, and the others have to coil/COP switch?
  6. I've got a complete rn swap ahead of me as my current motor has a hole in the block, so I've got all the time in the world
  7. If the mexican cartel can smuggle drugs into this country, I'm certain you'll figure something out ;)
  8. Ok that's what I thought, but wasn't sure. I'd like mine to be switchable also
  9. Are you saying this can be a defloater, and can also be used to convert to COP, or do you mean that the defloater is compatible with single coil or COP, and we've got to let you know what were running? im in the early stages of a swap/engine build, and only have the engine. I don't plan on finishing anytime soon, so my order can be shifted to the bottom of the priority list of that'll help you
  10. I'm sure once all of us get them installed and start praising them, a lot more people will be on board.
  11. I've got a somewhat irrelevant question, but why haven't you made a post about these in the for sale section? My guess is there's a chance everyone would want one, and well, you're just one guy