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  1. My first and worst build

    I'll be having them balance each piece individually, but I'll be reassembling it. My shed is questionable at best, and that's where my motor is. I'm in North Carolina and with this hurricane coming, I just might have to get everything to the shop before the hurricane hits, just in case it devours my shed haha
  2. My first and worst build

    I stopped being lazy and found out that I have the 147mm rods. I called a machine shop, and to clean everything, mill all surfaces flat, clean and polish the crank, and if it needs a valve job, 590$. I'm happy with the price to say the least, I was expecting much more. I called the shop and asked for the pricing over the phone, but gave ample information about the motor (5 cyl, 20v, aluminum, dohc, etc.). We'll see how it all goes
  3. My first and worst build

    So I got the block split in half, but the crank is stuck in the lower portion. I'm sure I can get it out though. Sadly there isn't much in terms of machine shops around me, and most of them are more for the muscle car guys. I've got some research to do there. So far I'm pretty happy with how smooth everything is going, especially since this is my first build, and I don't have any friends around here who are into cars enough to help me. I'm gonna be MIA for a little while probably. Just gonna be ordering parts and getting machine work done. I'll update whenever anything comes up though
  4. My first and worst build

    Ok, managed to get my rods and pistons out bout an hour ago. Everything is in tact and looks straight to the eye. Every cylinder looks pretty good to my surprise, except for #2. All of them, except 2, still has the cross hatching on the walls, and no noticeable lip at the top of any cylinder. There is a ring of discoloration, presumably where the pistons where at when I first took the original head off. So far the block looks very usable which I'm happy about. There was some wear on the connecting rod bearings, but nothing extraordinary. More to come
  5. My first and worst build

    I got the oil pan off today during my lunch break...the joys of living close to work ahah. I didn't find any shavings, though my pickup filter had a little bit of gunk in it, but not much at all. Almost time to start measuring everything
  6. My first and worst build

    So I got the head off today. The piston in the #2 cylinder can be moved back and forth in the cylinder, that a "clunk" can be heard when it hits the cylinder wall. Sounds like I need to find a good machine shop, and order some h beams and wiseco's.
  7. My first and worst build

    The old head bolts worked. A little tough getting started, but I blame that on them being torque to yield and stretching. The transmission to block bolts wouldn't work. They would pass through the block, and thread into the transmission, but the hole they passed through was threaded, just a bigger size. That's where I used the head bolts. I almost stripped out one or two of those 12 point star bolts for the flywheel, but managed to get them off. Remind me to use regular hex head bolts upon assembly haha. other than that everything is going pretty smooth. I got the mount for the stand bolted up, I just have to hoist it up and attach the mount and stand. It's so damn hot here, and I'm working out of a little shed, so I'm just doing bits and pieces here and there
  8. My first and worst build

    I'm gonna check and see if my old head bolts are up to the task. If so that'll be awesome. I'm still trying to get the clutch/flywheel off the car. I just uncovered those pesky 12 point bolts. Went to the store and bought the bit, and stopped by work to pick up an impact gun. That oughta do the trick
  9. Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    I am drunk...very much. I'm making popcorn right now!!! I pulled the motor from my car earlier...I earned this
  10. My first and worst build

    So I managed to get the transmission separated from the motor, and quickly realized most of the bolts thread onto the trans. The holes in the block are threaded, but bigger than the transmission bolts. Does anyone know what size bolts/threads these have? I'd like to get this thing on a stand. Other than that everything came out and apart pretty smoothly
  11. My first and worst build

    Got the motor pulled out at 9 this morning flip flops and all time to get it on the stand and start disassembly
  12. Want 2008 S60 upgrade suggestions

    "Road driving performance" sounds more like handling than speed. Since the 2.5 blocks are weaker than the 2.4 or 2.3, I'd stay away from go fast parts. I'd focus on suspension honestly
  13. My first and worst build

    Earlier today I managed to get both axles out of the transmission. We've been getting swamped with rain lately, so hopefully tomorrow is nice enough for me to pull the motor and trans. I just need enough time tomorrow to hook my hoist up, and unbolt all the mounts. I'll update again tomorrow. I'd like to get the motor on a stand, and if I have enough time pull the oil pan as well. Stay tuned
  14. My first and worst build

    Absolutely. It's not that I'm broke AND working on cars. I pay my bills and take care of what needs to be taken care of, than the car comes, than I'm broke haha. Plus, I'm lucky enough to have a supportive female, although not lucky enough, she can be expensive too
  15. My first and worst build

    Fair enough. I know I've been dragging my feet where this car is concerned, so I'm not expecting many responses anyway. This is a very leisurely project, so I'm definitely gonna be a while with it. I'm not too concerned about that questions I asked. I can always measure the rods once they're out, and I'll figure out the cam stuff. yes though, I'm sure I'm going to need much help with this, and probably about 50% of my posts in this thread are going to involve some type of question. I'm 24, damn near broke, and pretty much am gonna be learning as I go. This is the first car I've really worked on in depth, but I have a few years experience with it. update? im contemplating whether or not I want to delete my AC system. My 740gle is gutted without ac, and is my daily driver. I drive my car about 5 miles round trip between my house and work, so I'm not gonna be cooking for too long haha. I managed to get both axle nuts loosened, my speed sensor unbolted, and my passenger side steering knuckle too. The drivers side is a little tighter, but I'll get it. Once the suspension is all out of the way, I'll be pulling the axles, and than hooking up my hoist and pulling everything out! My first approach is going to be pulling the oil pan and poking around in there. I haven't had an oil pan off anything, ever, so I'm kind of excited for that. Luckily I got an engine stand, so my life won't be too hard. photobucket restricted my account, so I'll probably be posting all of my pics on instagram. My name is Wesleyovlov, but I don't have too many pictures just yet.