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  1. Awesome, thank you guys. I couldn't remember if there was an easy way, or cheap trick for doing it on these cars particularly, or if it was just like a generic, any car mod
  2. So I remember reading a thread on here about installing a high flow fuel pump, and that if one was going to do that they should also run a dedicated power wire from the battery to the pump. I've been searching but can't seem to find it. My FPR is bad so I have to switch it out with an adjustable one I already have. Once I do and get the car running, I plan on installing my hfp-377h fuel pump, and would like to do the wiring while I'm in there. Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about. im sorry if this is the wrong place, but it's about installing a performance fuel pump
  3. I'm still dealing with this problem. It honestly seems like an over fueling problem, but that's just my assumption. It'll crank over fine, and fire randomly, but never quite catches
  4. -___- New rotor went on with no problems, and my spark is all there. I believe I'm dealing with lawn mower syndrome ATM, so if it's not raining tonight hopefully I can deal with it. I'll update
  5. absolutey amazing...I finally tried to start it today with a new battery in her. After a couple cranks, I heard one or two slight burps out of the exhaust, than nothing. Just turning over and not even wanting to start. After some poking around, I took my distributor cap off and found this. I've never seen or heard of something like this before. Nothing inside the cap looks like it was hit by the rotor, so I doubt it was anything like that. I do have 5 new coil packs and plan on converting to COP. I contacted tmm9 to see if we can just go ahead and make the switch now, so I don't have to replace the rotor. the good news in all of this though is that the motor itself sounds great. Hopefully it's just a spark issue, and we'll be moving in no time!
  6. I'm in the process of getting my car running again. The original motor lasted to 322k miles. It was stock when I bought it at 282k. It didn't take long for me to start upping the performance and driving like I stole it, so the last 40k miles were hard miles! Had I left it alone, drove normal, and just did maintenance, those no doubt in my mind it would've went to over 400k. This was in 1998 s70, so your engine should be a bit stronger, depending on the history
  7. Thank you for breaking it down. I was under the impression that these were especially weak. Honestly I'm happy I'm wrong, I'd love to get an awd. I've never researched much into it since mine isn't, so I was not aware that there were better drop in options out there And no, p80's are freaking sweet!
  8. http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=156&t=1213929 http://v70r.com/forums/topic/34695-how-strong-is-my-awd-system/ Again, a quick google search gives these, along with many other posts. You guys are right and I'm wrong. But here's the proof of what I was reading. I'm not just gonna pull this stuff out of thin air...
  9. I'm starting to get heartbroken. The damn turbo drain fought me, but I got that on. The place that welded my afr bung screwed up, and put it so the sensor itself hits the firewall. I need to get that figured out still. I went to jump it with my 740, and turns out the battery is no good anymore -__-
  10. Hey, I said it was all heresay. I admit to never having an awd volvo and not having much understanding of it specifically. I'm just stating what I've read before, and provided a link to one of those threads
  11. https://www.___.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=48417 i was wrong in my wording I suppose, it looks like it's the viscous coupling that's the problem. A google search of volvo awd problems brought many results, one of which included a guy who went through 3 in a matter of 18 months
  12. Under normal driving conditions it's probably fine, but once you start upping the power is when it really starts failing. Like I stated, many people here after performance converts the awd to fwd, so I have no clue on any power numbers for when they really start giving problems
  13. Ahhh gotcha. I've never had an awd volvo so I'm just talking from heresay but.... if you're just gonna cruise around with stock power, the volvo awd system would probably work. However, I know something's at the rear of the car are different. I know the awd has a smaller gas tank, I'm assuming for the rear end. It'd honestly probably be easier to sell what you've got and buy an awd car, but again, I could be completely wrong. I vaguely remember reading a post about someone adopting a much better system, possibly from an evo? I can't remember if this was something someone did, or if someone was just talking about it
  14. Why do you want to do this? Many members here who are after performance and have awd, normally convert to fwd due to angle gear problems
  15. Perform a full stage 0 if you haven't. Like already stated, if you have no reason to believe the engine itself is bad, a stage 0 will probably work wonders