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  1. I posted our V70T5 project car a couple of pages back but here is my DD. It's a Holden VE Commodore Wagon ('Sportwagon' if you go by the cheesy marketing). It has Genuine HSV 20" wheels fitted that were fitted as an option when new, which need refinishing and Pedders springs. They're pretty common here but is probably a bit of a novelty for those of you in the US.
  2. These are the best photos I have at the moment. H&R springs. Bilstein B6 rear shocks and Ohlins front struts.
  3. Fantastic work, Engine work looks really neat and well thought out.
  4. As the title says, I'm about to fit a tailgate from a '98 V70 to my '95 850T5 wagon. There doesnt appear to be any major differences, the brake light is up near the top of the glass rather than above the wiper, and the interior trim is slightly different. Is there anything that I'll run into when I attempt to do the swap? The tailgate on my '95 850T5 has a dint in it and I've always wanted to paint the handle/trim body color, so I've picked up this tailgate and plan to have it all painted and swap it over. Just curious if theres any issues that I should be aware of. Thanks