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  1. Please check out my latest emails to you, it's from alex.voicu(at)gmail.com. You sent me some modified bins in it,maybe you remember what you made there :) Thanks !
  2. Sir yes sir :) No vaccum leaks anyway, I'll see what will happen after the engine swap with the GT30 later on. Thank you for solving the mistery :) Best, Alex
  3. Mixed them again, sorry. I did exactly what the procedure said in the end :) The problem was that after I found out the constant and the deadtime, I accidently edited the injector calibration BIN with the new values and wondered why the hell my ELM wouldn't connect :). I figured it out, edited the correct bin, flashed it but still had the check engine light on, and couldn't connect, that's why I opened up this discussion. That's also when I found out the alternative maps don't work anymore :)
  4. Sorry, XDF, ADX is for logging. I will try with ign on, engine off and come back with the results. It all started when trying to re-calibrate the injectors, but the behaviour is VERY strange. For example I'm cruising at 90km/h in 5th, I adjust the dead time to reach 14.7, it stays there, load about 2.16. If I continue cruising, and just blip the throttle a bit or downshift to 4th and then upshift back to 5th, and get back to the same 90km/h, same load of 2.16, AFR goes to almost 16 ! I don't know why it behaves so erratically. For the moment I managed to stabilize idling to a near perfect 14.7, with injector constant of 0.72 and dead time 0.585 but with these numbers, even if idling is almost 14.7 almost all of the time, after pulling up from a stop to that cruising speed, after 1 minute of maintaining speed the final AFR is sometimes ok, sometimes erratic. If I blip the throttle again, sometimes it comes back to 14.7 when cruising again.
  5. I understand. Is permanent logging a feature we can switch on / off by ourselves from the ADX or the BIN must be modified ? I was left with a check engine lit even after a reflash and could not connect to find out what's wrong. Thank you !
  6. Piet, have been waiting for ages for you to respond my last e-mail. I know I've been a little stressy but after all I need some support from you as you are the developer. At the last reflash, I couldn't connect with ELM327 to the ECU, and also the alternative maps aren't working. Is it because of the wideband and boost threshold implementation ? I have the rev1C bin with rev1Cb ADX. Thank you.
  7. Guys, has anyone lost or has an idea about losing the three alternative maps when flashing Piet's wideband + boost threshold mod ? Nothing happens anymore when ignition on and fully depressing the accelerator pedal. Thanks !
  8. Actually I think VE map value is multiplied(not added) by the value in the WOT enrichment corresponding cell but anyway yes, with a correct VE map you don't need to edit the WOT enrichment table.
  9. My offset was 0.9 indeed. Where are you measuring "System Voltage" and what do you mean by it ? Maybe it's battery voltage through the bin mod TMM was speaking of ?
  10. I have the same offset on an AEM UEGO if i use the standard formula so I substract 0.9 to make TunerPro show the same the gauge shows. I have everything tied correctly, common ground connections.
  11. Nope, at idle it's 14.6-15.2kg/h as it should be. You got mail (lots) with the bin and logs, you can see the values there exactly :) maybe you have some time to look over them.
  12. Mine are also theoretically OEM greens but with your figures my idle AFR goes up to 16. And I'm very sure I have no vacuum leaks :) There are a lot of threads out there quoting greens at 448cc others at 418cc, both talking about genuine bosch and not china knock-offs. After all I guess it's still up to personal experimenting.
  13. With my greens I have an injector constant of 0.71 and dead time of 0.72
  14. Sorry to bring this back up, but are we talking about the ADX associated with the Rev5 bin ? Because in my ADX, the TPS axis for turbo maps has a conversion factor of X*.416667+13.3333, and in the TPS Angle for WOT detection, the conversion factor is X*.416667. Which one must be modified ? Thanks !