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  1. Hello Zapo ! Thank you for the quick reply ! No, I'm not going to use the adapter as that could also lead to extra risks of exhaust gases leaking out. I just posted it as an example of difference between the collector output and turbo inlet. I've already machined the lip on my "R manifold", but only after that I've read about losing the I'm thinking about the dynamics of the exhaust flow, where a round hole meets up with a square hole (wich has the lesser side smaller than the circle diameter) , and I'm thinking that some of the gasses will hit a "wall" and will be forced back into the exhaust manifold. Putting one over the other would look like this. My concern is the blacked out area (that in reality could even be bigger).
  2. Hello ! As forementioned, you could use a 16T straight from the pick & pull. Just be sure to check beforehand that the pulled turbo has the same exhaust output type to the downpipe (straight - inline with the turbo shaft, or angled output). Everything else is bolt-on. It is possible though, being a larger turbo and ECU not being calibrated to it, to have some check engine issues due to the higher boost provided. ME7 should compensate for it though..
  3. Hello guys ! I've been searching on the forum but didn't find anything relevant information about my issue. On my S70 T5, I've acquired an "R" manifold, and ported it out a little at the collector. Went back home and tried to match it with the GT3071 turbo that's been waiting in the closet for the last 4 years The bolt pattern is a perfect match (the GT3071 was bought with a T3 flange hotside). But the hole in the T3 flange is almost square (corners rounded) and the output manifold port is round : T3 flange (square hole), the same as my turbo's "input" port : And my exhaust manifold : My question is - what do you guys do in this situation ? Won't the port mismatch lead to a back pressure because of the restriction caused by the shape difference ? How would you proceeed in such case ? Port the turbo housing hole ? I've only found a possible solution to this, meaningly an "adapter" flange for the shape difference, but I'm not convinced it would be the only way to do it : Thank you a lot !
  4. Sorry, I'm not using launch control in my car. I'll let the guys using it explain.
  5. Here's one more thing that helped me through the formulas (the Motronic scaling). The rest is just converting what is measured (for example kPa) to what you want to be measured (for example PSI) Regarding the switch, from what I've read on the forum where I've taken this picture from, it's probably been used for switching to normal / programming mode to be able to reflash it in the car. I've done pretty the same thing (included a switch in the ECU) but also added a step-up voltage converter so I can apply 16V on the programming enable pin. M44-scaling-RAM.pdf
  6. Hello Iksan ! I don't believe there's such thing as "dumb people", but just... inexperienced people What I believe is that, like all of us that reached a satisfying result in the end, you should read all the posts in this topic as they are full of information and effort from our beloved members. Trying to "skip" this is like skipping to the end of the movie and then complaining you couldn't understand why stuff is the way it is. To give you a response still, I personally used another MAP sensor (The Motorola MPX450AP), glued it to the PCB with hot glue, and soldered wires from the VCC, GND and signal pins to their corresponding ECU pins (I used the tank pressure sensor channel) and my AEM UEGO WB tied to the rear O2 sensor harness (but took care that inside the ECU, the pin for the O2 sensor ground is tied to the ECU ground so I don't have any offsets in the measurement). I cannot remember the pins from the top of my head, but you can get them here - http://www.villacarlota.net/volvo/motronicsuite/Volvo Motronic 4.4.pdf from page 7 onwards Regarding formulas for the WB and MAP sensor measurement, you can simply edit the ADX file in TunerPro and set up your personal calculations there. Just an example picture from the web, with a MAP sensor mounted on the PCB :
  7. Hello guuuuuuuuuuuuys ! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack ! :) Sorry for the long absence, for the 4 years me and a friend of mine had put together up a small VOLVO repair shop here in Romania, which in time grew bigger and bigger (we now have 8 lifts). Unfortunately I had to leave from the business and from the tuning scene as a little girl appeared in our lives :) But she's 2 years now and I'm starting to have more free time, and I'm getting back to my old love, my T5 S70. 3 years ago a tree fell over the top and bent it like hell. She's been parked in the same place and never moved since :( It's in a repair shop now for making her straight again, and I'll be off installing the new GT3071 that's been waiting for 4 years on the shelf. Hope you're all well and staying safe from the new COVID. Glad to be back !
  8. Please check out my latest emails to you, it's from alex.voicu(at)gmail.com. You sent me some modified bins in it,maybe you remember what you made there :) Thanks !
  9. Sir yes sir :) No vaccum leaks anyway, I'll see what will happen after the engine swap with the GT30 later on. Thank you for solving the mistery :) Best, Alex
  10. Mixed them again, sorry. I did exactly what the procedure said in the end :) The problem was that after I found out the constant and the deadtime, I accidently edited the injector calibration BIN with the new values and wondered why the hell my ELM wouldn't connect :). I figured it out, edited the correct bin, flashed it but still had the check engine light on, and couldn't connect, that's why I opened up this discussion. That's also when I found out the alternative maps don't work anymore :)
  11. Sorry, XDF, ADX is for logging. I will try with ign on, engine off and come back with the results. It all started when trying to re-calibrate the injectors, but the behaviour is VERY strange. For example I'm cruising at 90km/h in 5th, I adjust the dead time to reach 14.7, it stays there, load about 2.16. If I continue cruising, and just blip the throttle a bit or downshift to 4th and then upshift back to 5th, and get back to the same 90km/h, same load of 2.16, AFR goes to almost 16 ! I don't know why it behaves so erratically. For the moment I managed to stabilize idling to a near perfect 14.7, with injector constant of 0.72 and dead time 0.585 but with these numbers, even if idling is almost 14.7 almost all of the time, after pulling up from a stop to that cruising speed, after 1 minute of maintaining speed the final AFR is sometimes ok, sometimes erratic. If I blip the throttle again, sometimes it comes back to 14.7 when cruising again.
  12. I understand. Is permanent logging a feature we can switch on / off by ourselves from the ADX or the BIN must be modified ? I was left with a check engine lit even after a reflash and could not connect to find out what's wrong. Thank you !
  13. Piet, have been waiting for ages for you to respond my last e-mail. I know I've been a little stressy but after all I need some support from you as you are the developer. At the last reflash, I couldn't connect with ELM327 to the ECU, and also the alternative maps aren't working. Is it because of the wideband and boost threshold implementation ? I have the rev1C bin with rev1Cb ADX. Thank you.
  14. Guys, has anyone lost or has an idea about losing the three alternative maps when flashing Piet's wideband + boost threshold mod ? Nothing happens anymore when ignition on and fully depressing the accelerator pedal. Thanks !