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  1. Looks nice how it is but would look good tinted too, but not too dark in my opinion. Go with legal tint and should be perfect with your beige interior.
  2. Which grill is that on the V70R? I like it.
  3. Carson the more I see your car the more I think your wheel color is too dark. Pictures do not do them justice. They don't show up man!
  4. I put Koni FSD's w/ TME on S70 and I'm very pleased. I think it is just a disclaimer clause they put out. Consider that a lower car is like a car with a heavy load on it as far as ride height goes. So would you expect a loaded car to not function well with a damper like FSD. Anyhow, I like my setup. Smoothes out much of the really harsh road conditions you'll find around. I noticed huge improvement on really bad sections of freeway that used to make me switch lanes to a smoother lane that the trucks did not have totally trashed.
  5. What makes this a rip off? I do take offense to that statement Are R springs for a wagon readily available anywhere but from Volvo or maybe a few select auto recyclers? How much would you pay for a set of 4 R springs for an 855 from Volvo? I think it is more than my asking price. Yes they are used but these springs really do not suffer from any wear and tear. I have springs on my car with over 150k miles and they have very little if any sag in them and are basically as good as new condition. These things do not wear out. Now other parts in our suspensions do wear out, but not springs. So them being used is NOT an issue. AND, how many time do I have to say it - ITS AN ASKING PRICE. Yes the original "asking" price was $75 I aquired these parts with my hard earned dollars. I made the 2 hr. trip up to Seattle to get them. Danny had to do very little to unload these. Oh, yah he helped me carry them accross the street to my car. Thank you Danny! AND - Danny did not provide all of the mounting hardware for the skid plate so I had to purchase the mounting kit from IPD for the skid plate. $20 shipped. Maybe I could have found some bolts that would have worked to mount the plate from a parts store but I want to make sure it is done right. I have a family that rides with me in my vehicles and I want the comfort in knowing I have top quality parts installed that are put together correctly. There are expenses involved in aquiring and selling products. So I have an investment in the parts and until I decide I will use them they are FOR SALE. My asking price is $125 All reasonable offers will be considered. I prefer local pickup. But will deliver to as far north as Seattle or south to Olympia or so. (is there no value in that?) I prefer cash but other methods of payment will be acceptable if I have to ship to you. I'm glad a simple post advertising parts for sale creates so much attention! This is no RIP OFF.
  6. Do we not live in a free market economy bro, wtf? I may decide to use the R springs for my 855 but for now I have enough work to do and until I get a chance to consider it they are for sale and that is my "asking price".
  7. These are springs from an 850R Wagon like my post says. If someone is looking to upgrade there 850 wagon or V70 to a more aggressive spring and they are not looking for a lot of drop here is there chance!
  8. THANK YOU MIKE D Could not have said it better myself. It is an asking price people. Has the art of negotiation become a thing of the past?
  9. UPS ground estimated to Lancaster, PA is about $23
  10. Are you interested in the springs? Make an offer. I'll check price to ship to PA.
  11. Like the title says, I've got a set of 855R springs for sale. I just picked them up in a package deal with a skid plate. I really just wanted the skid plate but the springs came as an added bonus so I'm selling them or may decide to eventually use them on my 850 wagon. I'm not sure how many miles they have on them but can probably find out and I don't think miles are much a factor on springs. I need to get them cleaned up for sale but they are in excellent shape. I'd prefer local pickup. I'm in Western Wa. and will deliver them to Seattle or Portland area if your schedule works with mine. $125. All serious offers will be considered. Will ship to your location at your expense.
  12. Do you know where leak is? Often times its a valve failure which the parts are typically not too expensive and then the refridgerant can be restored.
  13. Favorite links -VOLVOSPEED From my Cardomain site: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/627006 You can find it in Google but you probably need to know what you are looking for. Here are searches that find it: cardomain kvalentine carodomain volvo s70 tacoma Does that count?