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  1. Hi, Can it be the "TPS Angle for WOT Detection" or "Throttle angle threshold for LDR active" that needs an updated calibration? Have you checked the WG-tention? Do you run with a different throttle housing diameter with the new engine? What does TCV duty cycle, Air Mass, STFT and Injection time tell you if you make a log file? // Turboforslund
  2. Good, I hope you know it is only pin b8 that needs +15V or so to be able to flash. All the other pins can keep the 12V supply. // Turboforslund
  3. Hi, Can you make a full pinout of your bench-flash harness? What ecu pins is powered by + and ground? What ecu pins goes to the obd port? i.e a full pinout. What do you use as a powersource? // Turboforslund
  4. Are you sure that the cable is ok for flashing? It might work for communication but you need the right spec to flash (I tried the "sheap ones" and it failed). // Turboforslund
  5. I will for sure do my best as well to fight this issue as soon as my car is back on the road. I find it quite annoying. // Turboforslund
  6. Yes! Just make sure that the load and speed axis etc. is updated too. // Turboforslund
  7. Ask around if anyone has a LPT-adapted calibration of the rev5 bins. It should be fairly easy to get it "good enough". You have both cal avaliable in tunerpro, it's just a lot of work... 🙂 // Turboforslund
  8. Hi, 609 will not work for logging. It is only the 607 and 608 rev5 - bins that have logging features. All other "stock bins" have no support for logging thru tunerpro. An K-line OBD reader should get the general variables thru the "Torque" or likewise app. // Turboforslund
  9. It's a bit off topic, but anyway.. 🙂 That's a nice one. I have "too big" pipes in and from the turbo (4" (100mm) into the turbo and 3" from turbo thru intercooler and manifold). Idle was crap with those volumes from MAF to manifold. Solution: MAF after intercooler (measures perfect even if it is in a "boosted pipe"). Bennefits: Perfect idle, Nice response, I can keep big-sized pipes for low pressure drop. Downsides: Not good for year around use in cold climate, ice can be present in the air after the intercooler. My car is a summer car so there is no drawbacks for me. I have used it for a couple of years, works epic for me! I can use open dumpvalves together with my Turbo + Eaton Supercharger setup without issues. // Turboforslund
  10. Hi, It is in the wiki: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3cew1ud1zywbi7/rev5b_609_fox_01.xdf?dl=0 // Turboforslund
  11. Hi, Use my 609-xdf together with the 609 bin. If not, all the values in the map as well as both axis will just show completely wrong values. // Turboforslund
  12. Hi, I have Bin Information, AC Mod and some changed axis if I can remember.. rev5b_607-608_fox.xdf // Turboforslund
  13. Yes Boxman, Very annoying, it would be nice to get a full grip of what is happening there. It is speed dependent for sure. I have a feeling that I read about it a while back but I'm not sure. Right now my focus is to get the Turbo + Supercharger - setup done. Any progress/help regarding idle is very interesting. // Turboforslund
  14. Hi, Regarding the 936 bin. Is the software version the same in your untouched stock ecu vs. the extracted bin from the first spare 936-ecu vs. the latest spare 936-ecu? 0261203936_xxxxxxxxxx or 0261203936_yyyyyyyyyy? Did you try the last spare-936 ecu in the car before the reflash? Wondering if there is a immo, hardware or bin version issue. // Turboforslund
  15. Hi, Should the cooling fan always kick in as soon as the AC runs? Shouldn't it be engaged after a while only when there is a need for cooling (like in most modern cars)? Differences in behaviour between x70 an 850 models? // Turboforslund
  16. Isn't it a tempsensor located next to the water/intercooler? Mounted in a hole in the sheet metal visible under the headlight. // Turboforslund
  17. Are you sure that the partnumber of the stock ecu ends with -936? Bosch 0261204936 is for a VW Beetle... // Turboforslund
  18. Hi, Have you tried my 609 xdf on wikia? Br Turboforslund
  19. Hi, I think DK is drosselklappe (throttleplate) in german. // Turboforslund
  20. Hi, Do you have an external wideband lambda sensor? Misfire can be both lambda (to rich/lean) , spark (to big gap, reduce to 0.6mm) or software cuts off due to overboost. I can check the 444 but I think it's not among the stock bins yet. I belive ELM 327 uses CAN as communication interface and M4.4 uses K-line. Not sure it will work for those ecus. // turboforslund
  21. Hi, Are the 2 switches on the Ostrich in the right position? They need to be correct in order to simulate the right type of eeprom. // turboforslund
  22. Hi, Flashing sequence should be: Preparing flasher -> Preparing to erase flash -> Starting erase -> Erasing flash -> Start sending flash data -> Flashing... -> Waiting... -> Flash programmed -> Starting checksum verification -> Verifying checksum -> Verified checksum OK -> Flashing completed I'm not 100% sure but I thing I got this message using my cheaper FTDI cable (china). I got to of those, looks exactly the same, both can log in the car but only the little more expensive one can do the flashing. Are you sure the cable isn't a cheaper copy? Were did you buy it? // Turboforslund
  23. Hi, I'm in search of a m4.4 non-turbo (naturally aspirated) binary from a b5254s (20v 170hp). Specific boschnumber is 0261204293. My aim is to create a xdf for it in order to tweak a few things. Is the only option to unsolder and make a readout of the bin? All motronic suite bins are turbo bins I asume..? Anyone who have a m4.4 N/A bin for me to play with in order to learn differences in between turbo an N/A bins? If someone have hade a look into them it would be super helpful if they are willing to share some knowledge. What to expext? Will the checksum plug-in work for non-turbo bins? Best regards turboforslund