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  1. Hi, I mapped my engine with a stand alone WB lambda unit from ETAS (LA2). It was a good thing to have a second trustable source of the real lambda. Do you know any mechanic or company that has a lambda probe or likewise to insert in the exhaust while at idle? In Sweden we need to pass a yearly inspection including lambda at idle and elevated idle. It is always hard to know for sure when you only have the ECU values. // Turboforslund
  2. Hi, Good post with a lot of info and digging. Have you compared the NB voltage vs. WB lambda to see the true Lean/Rich - swithing point? Might not be possible to compare them both within the WB Mod? (I got it but haven't tried it yet). // Turboforslund
  3. It would have been awesome if Tunerpro would been able to create and handle .dcm files. I work as an engine calibrator as proffesion and our calibration tools such as ETAS Inca or ATI Vision would compare those bins and create a .dcm file to display all the cal-changes in between them. The .dcm could then be "sucked in" to any desired bin to make the desired cal changes. 🙂 // Turboforslund
  4. Hi, That bin seems to need a different xdf to fully match. That seems to much off to be trusted. Wanna send it to me for investigation to get a better xdf for it? // Turboforslund
  5. Hi, Had a look at an old post of mine from 2015: Hi All, I did check the matching of my previous "609" LPT xdf towards the original bins from Motronic suite. It did match all bins except 606, 607, 608, and 612. (note: STD rev5b works with these except the code specific features) Compability list (please correct me if i'm wrong): 0261204442, 0261204443, 0261204444, 0261204446, 0261204446, 0261204448, 0261204449, 0261204450, 0261204451, 0261204456, 0261204457, 0261204459, 0261204609, 0261204765 + more unknown. General XDF for these bins: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mx1hfr3xlcfp3dn/Turboforslund_General_XDF_v1.xdf?dl=0 0261204305 seems to need a 3rd type of xdf... // Turboforslund
  6. Hi, Haven't tried it but it should be possible. I would suggest to log the NB emulation signal (raw voltage) while having the standard NB still in place. If they behave similar in voltage at stationary conditions I would see no issues with that setup. Do you see any benefits by running WB sensor with NB emulation instead of WB measurement and/or WB controlled? I guess a real (stock) NB sensor is always the most trusted "truth" in the end. Rich or Lean. Nothing else. // Turboforslund
  7. Strange. Spark timing should be 20 to 10 deg before TDC to avoid issues. Earlier than that might be bad at tip-in. How about crankase pressure? Oil consumption? Bad oil scraper rings? Compression test? Heat value of the new sparkplugs? Any adjustments done to the idle position of the throttle valve? Low inlet pressures (below 300 mbarA) at motoring/idle will pull up excessive amounts of oil = knock. // Turboforslund
  8. Hi, Dwelltime should (in modern ecu's) differ/ be compensated depending on system voltage to maintain the same mJ of spark energy at the plugs. Some platinum sparkplugs can react to ethanol blends in the fuel. Pre-ignition might occur but on higher loads. Sweden tends to increase the percentage of ethanol in our "gasoline" every now and then but i'm not sure if UK has the same blends. Is it reproducible if you disconnect the altenator? Is the enrichment a part of the built in safety function when knocking occurs? // Turboforslund
  9. Hi, Some questions to understand it a bit more. Octane level of your fuel? Inlet temperature, oil age? Ambient temp? Is it still the same ignition timing and lambda value? Sparkplug gap unchanged? // Turboforslund
  10. Hi, My loadvalue @ 4500rpm and 1.2 bar of boost is ballpark 8.1 ms (when looking into some old logs from 2015). 630cc injectors is at 65% duty and airmass at that loadpoint is 695kg/h. Wb lambda at 0.85. My pressurized MAF of 3" might bring those values down a bit. My understanding it that you cannot just add more than the max voltage out of the flow meter. If you get yourself a bigger MAF you drop in resolution but gain in margin. // Turboforslund
  11. Hi, Good question. I will try to find some measurements from the tuned setup. Right now the power is reduced (to approx 300hp) to be able to pass inspection/registration with the supercharger+turbo setup. // Turboforslund
  12. Hi, 24.48 is only better resolution afaik. I run GTX3076 (with pressurized 3" MAF) and 12.24 ms Software without issues. Approx. 450hp. // Turboforslund
  13. Hi, My WB installation: Comments from a post in 2015: "Just wanted to add some ground-info regarding my installation of spartan wb. My wb uses pin A13 (power ground) as the only ground source, no extra grounding needed. My spartan pinout: Red = A27 (power supply from the main relay) White + Black = A13 (power ground) Green = B31 (tank pressure 0-5V signal) ADX formula: (X/375)+0.68 (gives a lambda value in the range 0.68-1.36) If you want it in AFR then put *14.7 in the end. Example: ((X/375)+0.68)*14.7 Lambda values x 14.7 should be more accurate then using the AFR formula from 10 to 20 AFR." Mine is a Spartan WB controller but the pinout and adx tips might give you a hint. Best of luck. // Turboforslund
  14. Hope this works fine: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ul288xcbcmqpzqr/0261204609_1037359880_1.bin?dl=0 // Turboforslund
  15. I have it, let me know all the last digits. Is it 0261204609_1037359880.bin or the 0261204609_1037357528.bin? // Turboforslund
  16. Hi, The numbers of the Bosch ECU will tell what bin to use. // Turboforslund
  17. Hi, Will the immo still be intact but with an added logging feature for 609 equipped cars? If so, it's a great step forward! Really great news! // Turboforslund
  18. Excellent digging! That might be it! Wonder if there are any benefits of having the OBD pin 7 going thru the immo? Interesting to see if a direct line to B36 would do it (at least during bootmode active). Hope you find a working solution this weekend! Good luck! // Turboforslund
  19. Hi, Have you read the pages 481-483? It might bring some more knowlege or hints. I have a 850 from 1995 that do not have an OBD port at all. Maybe my own "OBD install" is a little less populated pin-wise than a stock OBD port (I do not know). Will anything like that have an influence for you as it seems to work perfect at the bench? // Turboforslund
  20. Hi, I'm wondering if the common ground between step-up and ECU power is the issue. Have you done exactly as the instruction tells? Any difference in pinout or power supply in between bench and car? Regarding the fan. That should not make a difference if it's on or disconnected but I turned the fan off thru a relay to avoid power consumption and noise. // Turboforslund
  21. Ok, let's hope for the best. A lot of work but it will hopefully be worth all the effort in the end. // Turboforslund
  22. Hi, The turbo will always provide more airflow then what the engine consumes, also at idle. If you measure the direction of air at the dumpvalve hose connection it will blow out. Any measured airflow from the MAF will read more then what really enters the engine. It will be a interesting test! 😎 // Turboforslund
  23. Hi, I belive that the closed loop control will be turned off above that value. 12.24 is the highest possible value and thereby never turned off = always in closed loop regulation. // Turboforslund
  24. Hi, I use the Spartan 2 together with Boch LSU 4.9. I had a look at the logs and I got 12.6kg/h at idle. In the log you can see how the boost pressure is basically inchanged but the maf voltage gets really noisy (and AFR super rich). I checked my WB mod and have the exact same calibration settings as you stated earlier in your post. It is interesting that you use an "open" dumpvalve without a return hose. All the air that is measured by the MAF will not enter the engine and the engine will therby struggle to keep AFR stable. Can you try (as a test) to remove the dumpvale completely and plug the outlet? MAF based injection systems needs recirculating dumpvalves to get stable AFR:s. I use this: https://images.app.goo.gl/Yx6P7H3Dxj3mHRoK9 Log for more info: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihhfsor1juxlfal/2021_01_23_Test_with_and_without_supercharger.tsv?dl=0 // Turboforslund
  25. Hi, I haven't tried the WB mod yet. I got it but have not tested it. Have you tried to plug the dumpvalve? How is it connected in terms of air-recirculation? My own issue right now is how to make stable rpm's/afr at idle with my supercharger engaged (magnetic clutch). The extra airflow tends to disturb the MAF a lot... 😎 // Turboforslund