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  1. Anyone interested in Volvo Guys (and Girls) Do It Safer stickers? I should have some at the XXX next weekend, but am trying to put together a "group buy" to figure out who wants what..
  2. Spencer... got a 4.8% raise. Now if only that were on a scale that 4.8% made an obvious difference.
  3. This thread is quite sad... I expect more posts about nothing, because I need entertainment and when nobody is talking, that's not entertaining.
  5. Danny, Julie doesn't pay very much attention to her surroundings while driving... I was next to her honking for 5-10 seconds on I-5 this morning, not even a glance over! May want to talk to her about that, lol
  6. Congrats on starting your final week.
  7. Hung out with Jeff for a while on Saturday while he wrapped a few Mini Cooper's for the Pride Parade on Sunday... And here is a one off Mini Cooper S - Silverstone Package; wrapped in a brushed aluminum vinyl, carbon stripes/roof, interior accents, and wrapped door jams as well.
  8. I'm trying to not OD on energy drinks.. Or need them at all, but that's highly unlikely. You check your new member title yet, or did you forgot I'd changed it?
  9. Yes, more. As in, "more" than nothing?
  10. Too soon to tell... but it's got more promise so far.
  11. Omg... so many stickers. And worse, they have free Monster here :ph34r:
  12. I'm a bit let down. 24+ hours and no posts in here? The weather isn't that nice!
  13. 9 blocks from home, and the 8th and Seneca shooting was ~5 from my work... we saw 15, no joke, 15 cops come flying up/down Pike and Boren getting to the scene. It was crazy.