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  1. But I thought that's what your goal in life was... Become the worlds greatest poster!!!
  2. I'm tired of being a level 2 member with no e-mail address Assistance? j/k B)
  3. Sleep - Volvospeed - Work - School - Eat Most time spent to least time spent during the day.
  4. I wouldn't rag on Kevin, just stating how many posts he has made in 2 months All 4k of them!
  5. Wow, I was reading through this, and Kevin was talking about barely being over 2k posts... Now he is over 6k since only 2 months have gone by... Scary, yes... I am probably on the same path, but not quite that extreme.
  6. Edit: read my post, dam word filter messed it up... Kevin, your a mod, FIX IT (the filter I mean) :D
  7. What can I say, I am motivated to get an e-mail address Plus I have to betoken for the NW Crew!
  8. I am about 3/8th to my e-mail address To think, I have only been a member for 20 days...
  9. It's just money Especially going to a good cause.