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  1. And that's why I haven't given you a key to my apt... I'd be scared to wake up to you hovering over me some night. Odd... I have one involving Tony's 122 I think :lol:
  2. My head hurts after reading the past 3 pages. Thanks
  3. They see me sittin' They watchin' Patrollin' they tryin' to catch me sittin' flossin' Tryin' to catch me sittin' flossin' Tryin' to catch me sittin' flossin' Tryin' to catch me sittin' flossin' My music so soft I'm loungin' They hopin' that they gonna catch me sittin' flossin'
  4. He means don't post any threads specifically to sell stuff. Individual posts are ok in here.
  5. Telephone interview Wednesday AM... yay for corpo.
  6. F the C70, I'd roll the 90 all year round! More pics of that :tup:
  7. Looking good. Now you just need a car in it :lol:
  8. Pegs, Tint, R Bumper :lol:
  9. Thanks! Now I just need some Non-OEM wheels to make it better.
  10. I did actually just apply for a job at AT&T... Imagine the discounts on new phones p.s. Trivia team names are great. "No means yes, yes means anal." "I'm not racist. Racism is a crime. Crimes are for black people." "The harder you resist, the more it'll hurt." etc... Isn't it past your bed time old timer?
  11. Too bad. The harder you resist, the more it'll hurt.
  12. Spence, I apparently don't have a way to contact you anymore... once you moved to Cali, your cell stopped working... wtf??? Send me a PM with a number I can reach you at, hooker.
  13. Update yo sig son... you don't have a V70R no mo!
  14. Looks like your car is falling apart... shits weak!
  15. Well ya, I'd hope so... otherwise, DEAL BREAKER! ;)
  16. Been there, done that... soooo 1999. :ph34r: