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  1. I hate applying for jobs... can't someone just give me a job that pays 100k and allows me to work from home? Thanks in advance :lol:
  2. Guess who has been up all night editing wedding pictures?
  3. Were you just upset since none sat on yours? I must have smelled richer... or looked more desperate Holla for XXX this weekend (the car show, not more strippers)!
  4. Whatever... He was rich enough to not take their money AND go to Africa! ;)
  5. Chapelle's show is/was one of the funniest skit based comedy series ever. Too bad he got rich and quit If I got stupid rich, I'd still wash cars... who cares?!
  6. It was enough for me to notice... and you know how active I am here ;)
  7. I've been let down by your lack of posting for the past few days...
  8. Umm... that is all the internet is. Ever heard of Wikipedia?
  9. I watched a woman "abandon" her Civic Si on Capitol Hill this morning because she couldn't get it out of the lot next to Club Z... It was really pathetic. Also... got my new custom plate yesterday.
  10. I wish I had tires with a little grip... That was kinda sad watching me try to keep up with you :(
  11. I remember when you and me had some fun in the RHS parking lot a few years ago... good times sir, good times.
  12. Drinking at 11am will do that to you. I've got Pandora playing right now, and the background music while I watch that is Fat Boy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank (Right About Now)... seems appropriate.
  13. At least you have tires with tread... I'm on Mast's pegs, otherwise I'd be on the snows still lol
  14. Takes a troll to troll a troll. Race car!
  15. I don't like people asking questions... Shenanigans.
  16. Spencer, do you have an OEM tow hook cover? :lol: