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  1. Good luck brah. Let's see if I have any luck on my side today...
  2. We don't have enough drivers for our cars... fail Rocking a tow hook cover? We all are... who knows if you are though.
  3. Where'd you take it??? I still want my M3 detailed :P
  4. What the hell even broke on your car Spencer?
  5. I REALLY need my computer with photoshop again... Paint is killing the quality of my pictures :lol:
  6. I added 8 hours for going around the word filter didn't realize you had already suspended him, but oh well!
  7. Knowing how vs. being able to are 2 different things I still don't know how to take proper pictures...
  8. QUOTE (matt b @ Mar 25 2009, 05:35 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You finally got them, how long had you been waiting in these ?5 months, to the day :lol:
  9. From what I saw before having the exhaust made, TME and other aftermarket exhausts had O2 sensors inside the cat... so I figured 2 high flow cats and an O2 sensor in the middle will do the same. Plus, that's the only "sound restriction" I'm running. Everything after that is straight pipe :P
  10. I guess this means the S60 is no longer "stock"?
  11. News to me Maybe someday you'll get to housesit the 1521 "house" and we can go for Round 2 of the Goldeneye challenge :lol:
  12. Me too... I bet Kara is excited to move home now I assume their Mercer Island house will be sold?
  13. There'll be a D... No idea how that's relevent, but it's Fact!
  14. Team Dynamics? I hear Gary still has sets for cheap...
  15. You're poor, you expect me to send you things for free? That offer only applies for NWC members! Shipped out via DHL.
  16. You could have just linked to his for sale ad :arob: