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  1. All of that just showed up today, and plenty more coming :P
  2. Can't edit phone calls though Don't compete in Beerfest then! :P
  3. Ironic that I click to view last post since I previously checked the thread, and this is the one it comes up to... Considering we were just talking about this Thanks for the 1/2 boot, and pint, and the shot of Rumpleminze that you missed after you left It was good times at the Stube, despite Brian being no where to be found. At least Kevin filled that void.
  4. Angel Fairy 3==D 12 hours for flaming other members.
  5. That was my first time going there, I didn't think it was that bad though... I can see why one would think that though :P
  6. I started my new job today, working at a bar... I learned a lot I then went out to another bar with some friends (Earl's), and had 2 drinks and am more than buzzed. I think it's bad when you watch them pour a glass 4/5 full of alcohol, and then top it off with a little "color". Best thing is, it only costed $6 for a drink!
  7. Sorry for the super hi-res, that's the only version I uploaded.
  8. Axle Snapper for 12 hours, continuing to post in For-Sale threads after being warned.
  9. I guess I'm out for nominations. Great jesture guys VR Bumper = V70R I assume?
  10. Axle Snapper upped to 2 days, continuing to post as a guest after being suspended.
  11. They do, but for some reason, I still don't really like them... What size are the rotors? 8 piston calipers seems a bit overkill if you "expect it to be better than the stock 280/300 setup", but not better than the 332 Porsche/Stoptech Kits.
  12. And to think, this is the stuff I miss by not following a thread... I didn't know you had a supercharged 850 :lol:
  13. iPd also did an EXCELLENT job hosting the Garage Sale/Car Show at their facility over the same weekend as Carlisle. That's awesome that they supported the Carlisle show as well! I have nothing but great things to say about iPd and their involvement in the community. I'd also like to say thanks to Scott, Lucky (Rob), Cameron, Chris, and all the others for continually helping us out! I'm sorry on the other hand to hear about a Vendor bad mouthing our community. George and I have had our differences in the past, but I hear about him having good customer service from others here. For him to not provide his "outstanding customer service" to all is really too bad (where our differences started), but worse that he would talk down the whole community and make broad statements about this site as a whole. Chuck, you also deserve a thank you for all of your hard work put into this website! You have a life outside of this, and still find time to talk to MANY members on a 1-to-1 level. I'm glad that I found my way into this community, and will always try to help make it better where I can :tup:
  14. How come the title of this thread is "dunk or hungover"? In my 2 nights of drinking, I've already grown sick of it... I must be doing something wrong, or be bass ackwards in my thinking?
  15. NGB - 12 hours for violating For Sale rules.
  16. +1. Love the concept, but Show Room is hurting with the previews loading every picture in every thread :lol:
  17. Nice example of product images :tup:
  18. Looks like you need to find some money then! :P
  19. Johann, You have too many projects, it scares me a little, but also is very impressive since every one turns out great! :P
  20. I decided to go out Friday night and take some pictures, NON CAR RELATED too... It was kinda scary, been quite a while since I've done that... Anyways, enjoy Also, since the Show Room is meant for all pictures now, I took the liberty of moving this thread up here :tup: