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  1. Wow, that is quite awesome! :o
  2. This is from New Years 2007, didn't get any new shots from 2008 :(
  3. Nooooo, that's a damn lie! And I determined that I didn't drink a lot last night, because I actually remember having dreams :lol:
  4. This is probably the closest I have come to being able to post in here in over a year... I'm not drunk by any means, but did drink earlier :ph34r:
  5. Since you just moved up to OH, that means I need to apply for Member Admin to stay a step ahead of you... Hmm, I'll mail Chuck a new copy of my Resume with cologne scented paper and see what happens :lol:
  6. Good. I was tempted to make a joke at my comment, but what would the fun in that be?
  7. It means he can lay the smack down anywhere on the board instead of JUST Cosmetic & Detailing ;)
  8. DEmoted is the word you were looking for Congrats Jeremy, welcome to the big boy party!
  9. I like the 5 minute sales approach, and be sure to throw in free freight on all Supporting Memberships ;)
  10. Why wait for your current supporting membership to expire before upgrading to lifetime? Great offer Chuck :tup:
  11. That was fun. Where is this story?
  12. I was more making a joke since it was a F1 event, and F1 is very car related ;)
  13. If an F1 event isn't considered "car related", I'm posting a shot from a lapping day!
  14. I swear, every single picture I take is car related, I may never post in this thread again I have some sweet track shots from earlier.... but those are against the rules here :P
  15. I was over on the Kirkland water front last night and this seemed like a cool picture of the guy hanging from the mast.
  16. Nope, that's what makes the picture THAT MUCH BETTER!!! :P