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  1. Great idea Travis, I will be taking some new pictures next week of random stuff. My new lens is arriving on Monday, the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8D VR G-AFS ED-IF Lens :ph34r:
  2. If Hyundai buys Volvo, why will anybody care? We will still own the Pre-Ford Volvo's anyways, let alone Pre-Hyundai... will request a domain change to
  3. Based on what Hyundais sell for NEW, that means your car will be maybe $1000? I'll buy it if it's 1k It will be interesting to see who bought Volvo since it's all speculation right now.
  4. Just keep toying with it until it works, that's all I can offer as I'm useless :P
  5. I'm still @ 3, yet you have almost doubled your number of comments in the past 4 days. I think you are cheating! :P
  6. I want HID parking lights... But I have 3 comments, you have 20 :(
  7. Exactly, and that's what counts! I'm surprised you didn't have them do the rotor hats at the same time ;)
  8. It just looks really cheap to me The V70R front bumper needs to have the entire front end (fenders/hood/headlights) to work, and the lack of trim handles looks bad because it is still on the bumpers. I'm also a bit confused as to why the center section on the trunk is the only piece that wasn't body color matched. But, to each their own. I don't like it and wouldn't do it personally, but obviously others like it so more power to them :tup:
  9. After seeing the pictures... That's unique, but not nice IMO :unsure:
  10. I got my profile updated a little bit last night, and added pictures :)
  11. Ya... Without pics, this is a Members Announcement, not a Show Room worthy topic ;)
  12. Call and find out, prices usually aren't the same after a year anyways :rolleyes:
  13. DARKSIDE - 6 hours I warned him about the signature size 2x in the past 24 hours... '95R -Is it really that hard to make a signature that is 600x150 or smaller? DARKSIDE -yeah it is...I don't thinkmy current sig is bad, it isn't big at all...
  14. Yep... If you have the ability to make a signature image, you can obviously resize it.
  15. This thread needs a bump, people seem to be forgetting the rules or just disregarding our enforcement of them.
  16. Overhead Moderators (green stars/name)
  17. S7013g - 6 hours Starting repeat threads after original was locked. Like one thread wasn't bad enough... :lol:
  18. I just set the bar high and left, no need to keep replaying right now :lol:
  20. No joke, I don't have a giant arsenal of tools at my disposal I have a screw driver and a socket here and there... :lol:
  21. I wish I had the room/know-how/car to do a project like this on But, I have my daily driver, no tools, and no workable area for a project like that... Looks great Mark, can't wait to someday see it in action.
  22. No room on the mod team, we do have an opening on the suspension list though if you're interested :lol: