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  1. Such beautiful words... Makes me proud to be a mod since I can't speak for myself that well :lol:
  2. Exactly... It would DECIMATE all with some parts overnighted from Sweden, just put it on your tab at Mike's :lol:
  3. When have you smoked anybody, and sausage doesn't count.
  4. You've already said you want a new car, why try to deny it? Get another big diesel and smoke all the kids with it. Imagine what kind of 240 you could build with your budget :lol:
  5. No about the first/second, but I'm sorta suprised you recognize the third. Where is the third one?
  6. Adam, you know how to get it done sir, you need to post more often so everyone knows that you're still the coolest Canadian. And I figured that I might as well get out some of my old school pictures of my "last" 850: Before After REALLY After
  7. Mmmm, wild dreams..... Welcome to the R club, now spend some money getting that body work and mechanical stuff all straightened out, you will come out ahead of anyone who buys one for 6-7k and still has some stuff that needs fixing.
  8. You're excited, aren't ya? I bet you will notice a SLIGHT different with a chip on an N/A, but nothing to justify spending money on performance... Put money into suspension if you want it to have more usable performance that's possible :)
  9. Whoa, that was deep... Is that the speech you will give at the next VCOA meet whether you win/lose? :lol:
  10. I would hate to have a concours winning car, so much work to keep it clean and the fact that you never really get to enjoy it out side of your climate controlled garage or trailer en route to shows I know there are exceptions out there for daily driven car show winners (judged shows), but still, I am happy with how my car is and also accept that it won't win any real shows without a lot more work...
  11. Needs to be desaturated a bit more
  12. Definately a suitable replacement, but it's never "the same" :(
  13. That's when you say "screw it" and do everything you want anyways, don't let other factors stop you.
  14. I guess it is a fact that Wagons are the new Pegs, look at all of these pictures and say they aren't :P
  15. It didn't work for me :huh:
  16. Try using to upload it :)
  17. PyROTech - suspended for 8 hours You asked for it :)
  18. He either is an attention whore, or drives a crappy car :lol:
  19. I do know, so I am apart of the "we" you speak of Did Doug paint your rotor hats red to finish up the red accents?
  20. I know there have been some in the past, but I'm bored and want to see some new stuff... Post up some before/after shots of your car Before (the day after I got it home from Boston and had the Bright Silver Pegs on it) After (all the $$$$ later) How'd I do? :)
  21. Oh, you mean the fact that both are 5-speeds now?