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  1. Sheet metal parts for Volvo 850?

    I managed to get some of them of with a clip tool, I replaced most of them with new clips from a universal kit from ebay, worked just fine
  2. I have already replaced the sill on the passenger side of my car due to rust, now the driver side is next. Since that side is also rusted on my old parts car i was wondering if there are any places you can get stamped sheet metal for the sill? I do have a new parts car i recently bought that is totally rust free, but its a shame to cut it up if i can get the steel from a vendor. I need a quarter panel as well for the drivers side since mine is busted up beyond repair. If you haven't checked your sills under the plastic cover i recommend checking it out, especially if you can see rust at the lower rear arch and along where the sill cover meets the door gasket
  3. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Putting it all back together after a lengthy rebuild. Hope it's gonna run.. heh.