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  1. merlin390

    What Change?

    What change? The change we have in our pockets after he taxes us to death to pay for the pork.
  2. merlin390

    Death Penalty

    The only reason some people are alive because it's illegal to kill them. Bring back public executions (hanging, firing squads, etc.)
  3. merlin390

    Is This A Glimps Of Future Healthcare

    America... born July 4th 1776 died Nov 4th 2008..... well yall it was a good run while it lasted..
  4. Hey stranger.. we need to discuss 10mm again

    1. EastsideR


      yes. sorry, just seeing this now. lol

  5. merlin390

    Us Democracy In A Crisis?

    To much corruption in politics. Our Representatives in office are career criminals and do NOT represent the common person and how could they understand the common man/woman when they (reps) live in mansions? I am not advocating socialism or anything I just want to actually have people in power who have had to struggle and who have not been born with the silver spoon in mouth disease.
  6. merlin390

    Iraq Study Group Report

    Those are two of the smartest things I have heard today!!
  7. merlin390

    Iraq Study Group Report

    I might catch some flak for this but pull our troops back to an area(s) surrounding the middle east and just let them kill each other. Do not pick a side to support and let nature take its course. Yes I know a good chunk of the worlds oil is in the middle east but hell there is a good supply of oil and gas in Russia so lets drill there. Once the fighting in the middle east has slowed down we can look at it and see if we can mend bridges. on a side note. WE (the US) have spent more money by keeping a military presence in the middle east than we have recovered in benefits (read oil), so the law of deminishing returns is still alive and well.
  8. If we were to leave Iraq now then things would really go to hell fast. Show me one thing the UN hasn't screwed up. We need to get the reporters out of the warzone and let the soldiers do their jobs. The reality of war does not need to be pumped into every livingroom in America so people can watch it over dinner.
  9. merlin390

    So The Middle East Just Exploded....

    If we turn it into glass can we still get the oil? Yes I know that is a horrible thing to ask but if it's there we might as well use it. The collateral damage would be big and many innocent people would die but would it really bring peace? Sure if they were all dead it would be less terrorists but as long as humans are on this planet there will always be hate, greed, jealousy, etc etc thats just part of the human condition. In the movie "the marix" where agent smith is telling Neo that the human race is a virus ...the longer I live the more I believe that to be true. Someday the virus will eventually kill itself some way.
  10. merlin390

    Hi All, Well This Is My New Car...

    read the sticky threads at the top of each forum
  11. merlin390

    So The Middle East Just Exploded....

    I still stand by my statement to let them arm themselves and just have at it. Kill the other side to the last person and whoever wins WINS! There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as the two sides are there. Let them fight to the death and be done with it once and for all. (harsh but oh well)
  12. merlin390

    Money Pit V70 T5

    just because you followed the service schedual doesn't mean its going to prevent everything. Did the service dept tell you all your coils were shot or were just one or two shot and they "recommend" replacing them all? As for the fuel pump well stuff happens. you could have seized the moment and upgraded the pump instead of putting another stock pump in it.
  13. merlin390

    So The Middle East Just Exploded....

    check out how many people Stalin killed off..... "The number of people who perished in the purges is subject to hot disputes with death toll estimates ranging from 1 to 100 million people, depending on who counts and what is counted as a purge" Source: here
  14. merlin390

    So The Middle East Just Exploded....

    no. i mean a fight to the death...
  15. merlin390

    Stem Cell Research!

    why does it have to be a celebrity? For the MOST part I find celebrities obnoxious and fake.