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  1. facebook page I really do not drive this car enough. I have owned it since 2007 and time has come for it to go to a new home. I got the car in 2007 with 70k, it has under 95k, with less than 500 in the last 2 years. $5000 If you still interested then read on. Its located in 30024 Suburb of atlanta Ga. Been in the garage since 2007 Factory Nautic Blue 5 Speed manual with 95k, Full Charcoal conversion 99% done. What has been done to it? All documented here What does it need? a tune. SteveO helped me remove the old Speedtuning tune and put it back to stock. for me to pass georgia emissions 4 years ago. i never finished getting the tune. What does it have? Everything including DVD headrests. Theres so much stuff i know i'm going to forget something. What do you get for $5000? Every single part i have for this car including extra doors, extra wheels, extra spacers, 3 bins of parts. What does it have? Volvo 18t BSR Downpipe V bank clamped on. IPD Tip Magnaflow muffler IPD Coils IPD TCV IPD Sways Front and Rear Xemodex ETM Rear R Calipers with CJ Brackets and new rotors Rebuilt ABS Module by matty moo D2 Coilovers with a new set of front sleeves where the tie rod thing breaks, just in case Rays Engineering Wheels 19x8.5 fronts 235/39/19 nitto 555, 19x10.5 rears 265.30.19 R Bumper with Wiper Plugs OEM Jewels Autotech Intercooler New R Clutch 5 Speed swapped out because old one made noises Pioneer Navigation Double DIn JL Auto 1000/1v2 amp for the 3 JL Audio 12w6 subs that have been reconed Kenwood 4 channel amp powering JL Audio ZR components in the front JL Audio XR components in the rear. R Cluster Whelen PA System Whelen 6 head strobe lights Whelen Headlight flashers Stinger Spp1700 battery up front AGM Battery in the rear for stereo 210 amp High current alternator PCV,WP, TB, Tensioners, Plugs all that stuff is done years ago but not that many miles ago. Silicone Tecniques hoses for everything with t clamps Front upper sway bar IPD Mesh Grill Compustar Alarm remote start Custom Grey leather seats with silver stitching and RED centers Replaced the heated seat elements Boost guage and Volt meter The car doesnt have radar detector system anymore. took it out since i dont drive it enough but will include a escort SRX system if you want it that is not installed. I'm sure i'm missing something but look at the link above to see whats was done thru the years. No expense was ever spared in building this car. it was never driven in the winter with the exception of it coming to Atlanta. there is no snow, salt or anything. Remember the big snow storm that shut down atlanta several years ago? if there is and idea that it may snow next week, they are announcing school closures this week already. No lie, its real! So no problem driving this thing in the winter in atlanta Most current only picture i have, i can text you or email you more of what ever you want to see. best way to contact me is NOT thru PM is email gshadow325 at gmail Steve
  2. no, because he didnt make the thread. it would be too easy to use that thread
  3. mine too. i have not driven it much in the last 4 years!
  4. How are they with entry/exit at late night? @Yellow95 Gary, you going up?
  5. i'm around teslas daily and this is whats in the shop today. 16 huracan vs 14 ripp s/c wrangler if you guys are around these types of cars daily, i think your opinion might change. you may think again about that 585k aventador sv and appreciate a 235k mclaren 570s
  6. uhh, i'm going to ask a small little question regarding the tesla How many of you guys have driven one? Sat in one? taken one apart? breathed on one? How about ten, twenty or thirty? We have worked on 115 since Dec 2012. these are some hellava cars here. i see some crazy shit on a daily basis (instagram gshadow325) for the curious just wondering how one forms such a strong opinion about a certain brand over another. edit: here is picture from our POS system [/URL]
  7. H, are you going to remove and retint the rear glass. 3pc tint looks hideous. Also question about the front brakes, are the bleeders supposed to be on the bottom or the top?
  8. Bob, i did that too with my 99 xc70 in 2010. We should catch up one of these days.
  9. Lol Bob. I don't know how my fellow VSers would like that on here. I'm turning it into a unique vehicle for sure. Might as well have fun with a vehicle while I'm at it! Going to put a bunch of off road lighting on it today, along with a second battery, and power inverter.for the long trips with the kiddies back up to the north east.
  10. Sienna? We no need no stinking Sienna LOL, those were FWD only before current generation and front engine. This is a Previa aka OleGG, a Mid-engined super charged, all wheel drive 165hp BEAST LoL! Is there a interest in wanting to know what this is LOL. I might have to do a FMIC since the intercooler is below the drivers headlight
  11. That poo can't be like this poo. Bigger tire's, metal bumper next up tomorrow is lights, and d rings
  12. It was down? Didn't notice. Lol I was busy playing with my new to me free work van project. Saved it from the charity donation pile. Warning: mini van content. I swore i never would buy a mini van, still keeping my promise to myself. This one was free haha. 1995 Toyota Previa aka "OleGG" super charged all trac with 184000 Tackled engine problems first. -replaced valve cover gaskets and all associated seals. -distributor seal, cap, rotor, plugs, wires -fluids, front/rear diffs, super charger -suspension, lifted the van 5 inches in the rear, 4ish in the front -did general grabber at2 tires -new front cv axles -led headlight bulbs, probably going to do a quad projector retrofit once i figure how to get these headlights out! -did some killer led interior lights, no pictures yet. I put a 35 inch white strip of lights across the top edge of the windshield where it meets the headliner. Two 14 inch strips across the rear air conditioner unit and 3 on the tail gate, one red for marker lights facing rear two on the gate shining down.