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  1. I've never used dropbox before, just made an account and added both my bin for my manual R and the auto bin of my buddy. Let me know if the link works or you have any issues.
  2. All 3 that we've used are a 610 ECU, which looking at wiki, is from a LPT vehicle. This happens on both my manual R and his auto R. Both are newer wastegate actuators from what I recall. Mine is a couple year old kinugawa that I adjusted per the manufacturer instructions upon install when I upgraded turbo. TCV duty cycle max is at 99.61 and min is at 5.08. Not sure about the DC for logging, will have to get back to you on that.
  3. Hello all. So a tuner friend of mine owns an 850R like myself and is giving it a go with trying to tune our vehicles. We are having issues with controlling boost. We cannot get any boost to build. He's tried adjusting target load setpoint, didn't seem to make a difference. Same with adjusting TCV Duty Cycle Pilot. Looking through the M4.4 Wiki, made sure he's changing values in the 70% throttle column. Also tried disabling LDR routine to get 1:1 control with TCV duty cycle pilot, no change. We've tried the Volvo TCV's and a Mac TCV, no change. He is auto so he's using a 607 bin, I am manual swapped and it does the same with a 608 bin. We are using a 610 ECU with an ostrich chip for live tuning/datalogging. He was able to get a good base tune with a MBC on my vehicle, but obviously we want TCV control to finalize tune and have everything working smoothly. Have you guys run into this before or know the solution to this problem?