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  1. Not related to tuning, rather compability; Does anyone know if the never flywheelsensor will work with M4.4? If I recall correctly the sensors used on M4.4 and M4.3 cars generates a signal too weak for an aftermarket ems. They therefore modify the ME7 sensor. I have some running issues on a 960 with M4.4 and therefore consider trying the new type sensor just for a test.
  2. Anyone have an idea how we can modify this bin to run on a 6cyl in a 960? I just finished replacing the 1.8 With a 4.4 from a S90, had to flash it due to the immo (which i where unable to get working). My setup will basically be a stock N/A engine but from what I can see from the standard ign tables for the 6cyl they are very safe, room for tuning...