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  1. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

  2. RBoy8

    Parting out 1999 V70 T5

    How much are you looking at for the IPD sway bars?
  3. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

  4. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

    hey guys I lowered my car
  5. how dare you >=O
  6. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

  7. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

  8. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

    Thanks! One of the other lappers there was a professional photographer who was doing work for the Ontario Time Attack Group. Couldn't say no to ordering a few when he posted the gallery up. Yes, those are the new tires I'm running. Zestino Gredge 07R in 205/45/17 size. I had the fronts up to 40psi and kept the rears at 36. The fronts were pretty much spot on for that day but the rears had a bit more roll and could've done with a couple more psi. OMG say whaaat! I didn't know you guys had a kid. Congrats!
  9. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

  10. RBoy8

    1998 V70R, Resto Mod Thread

    Nice build! How did you take care of the airbag light with the aftermarket wheel?
  11. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

  12. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

    Yes! I was also thinking of grabbing some silver mouldings. Sorta like an Ocean Race except black. lol Clearly Greg and I are the sane ones and you're the insane one, Daren.
  13. RBoy8

    How Your Car Sits

  14. RBoy8

    unique volvo parts!

    Man, I want that CF lip so bad but part of me thinks I might destroy it at the autocross and it doesn't deserve that. Where you located, KV?
  15. RBoy8

    Off Topic: The Thread

    How dare you. Whatcha got?